Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I can't believe March has come and (almost) gone already.  We had a great month and I've got the bags under my eyes to prove it!  :)

I didn't want to let the month end without having at least one more post, so I thought I'd give you a few videos to watch. 


While Eric and Maddie were outside playing, I kept being the nagging wife/mom and saying, "DON'T hit Sadie with the ball!".  Well...turns out that's exactly what happened but it turned out to be a good thing :)

Maddie wanted to plant flowers for spring :)  She's such a big girl!!

Sadie growls when she sees her food but I'm not putting it in her mouth.  Yes, the girl LOVES to eat! On this particular day she did her usual spit/growl routine then I got an extra surprise...  :)

We've been having the most beautiful weather!  Maddie's been playing outside just about every day.  She's especially having fun with her "worm toy" and playing in her pool :)  YAY for spring!! (with apologies to my friends and family...or random readers...who are getting snowed on right now)

Just a video to show you how cute and squeezable Sadie is :)

Check out THIS hand-eye coordination!  I was shocked when she started catching the ball at such a young age.  I don't know what's "normal", but I know Maddie never did this this early.

And another new trick Sadie learned within the past 3 days :)  She's growing up so fast!!

And, for the final video of the night (thank God because this is taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R.)...

I have such a little tomboy on my hands!  I was REALLY impressed when Maddie wanted to hold the Roly Poly bug.  Not only did she want to hold him, she wanted to play with him all day.  Poor little thing.  I finally told Maddie we needed to leave him alone because he was trying to get home to be with his family.  She's really big into family so all I had to do was explain that his family missed him like we miss our daddy and then she left him alone so he could go home.  She said he had to hurry so he could eat supper with his family and then watch Nick, Jr.  :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed the videos.  I have a few others that I would LOVE to share, but they involve Maddie not wearing any clothes and I'm not willing to risk any kind of legal issues to share them.  But Maddie has been enjoying being naked lately and she's so funny!!  The other day after she went swimming in her clothes I took the wet clothes off outside and she told me she was a doggy and she had to go pee in the grass.  She ran over to the corner of the house and stood there peeing!  Then tonight after she got out of the bathtub she was running around upstairs with no clothes on then came back into the bathroom wearing nothing but rain boots.  Silly goose :)  I didn't get video of that, but definitely snapped a few pictures to show to any future boyfriends!  HA!  She's going to hate me.  And I'm pretty sure Sadie will hate me for the video I shared above.  But at least she has clothes on!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Here are a few things that have happened since my last post:

Uncle Guy came to visit
Daddy came home
Sadie turned 6 months old
Aunt Renee came to visit
We went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade
We went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Sadie started sitting up
Aunt Catherine came to visit
Aunt Jennifer, cousins Mary, Joseph, Michael, Joshua and Amy came to visit
We celebrated Sadie's baptism
We went to the Butterfly museum
Sadie had her 6 month check up...17lbs 7oz (75th percentile), 25 1/4 inches (27th percentile)...4 shots :(
We went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (again)

It's been a busy couple of weeks but so much fun!  Will catch up soon and post pictures...but for now it's time to go to bed and recouperate from our busy, busy day...