Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I was resting on the loveseat one day around noon.  Maddie came over and told me, "Mommy, can you lift up off of this cushion so I can get something out?"  I asked her what was under there, thinking maybe she slid a book in or something.  I lifted up and she reached in and pulled out Sadie's sippy cup that had milk in it!!!  Thank God she got it out when she did and it didn't get left there for days...

"Do you know what's Spanish for pictures?  Illustrations."

Maddie got dressed, then put her nightgown on top of her clothes, and a pig neck pillow on TOP of her head.  I asked her why she was all dressed up like that and she said, "Because I have to look silly for the contest."  Apparently there was going to be a contest to look like a clown...

One morning in the car line (to drop Maddie off at school) I noticed that the twins in her class were right behind us.  I let Maddie know and she was so excited that she said, "That's peculious".  I asked her what that meant and she told me it means when there's someone good in line behind you.  :)  LOVE this imagination!!

Maddie told me she was a rat one morning.  I played along and told her she was the cutest little rat I'd ever seen.  This game continued on for a little while (she even had a laundry basket of towels that was "full of her babies").  Then she just suddenly told me, "Actually, Mommy, I'm a nocturnal animal.  I sleep at daytime and stay awake at the nighttime."  Wow!  A few minutes later she told me, "Do you know what my favorite breakfast food is?  Bugs."  So I asked her what kind of animal she was and she told me she's a bat.  I asked if bats are nocturnal and she said, "Well, yeah".  Duh, mom!  :)

"That was random."  Seriously, Maddie said this at a totally random time when we were all sitting outside eating dinner.  It was completely out of the blue and...well, random.  We laughed so hard!

"Mommy, I was running so hard smoke came behind me!"

"Aye, Aye, Captain.  Let's sail the high seas!"

"I have 100 million and 89 blood pressures just like this one (holds up her toy blood pressure cuff) just in case one of them runs out of air."

"We're playing milk the cow.  Murphy's the cow."

"Raspberry storm!  Raspberry storm!  Raspberry storm in my underwear!"  Hmmm...NO idea where that one came from :)

This one really cracked me up...I don't know why.  I guess because she doesn't really know what she's saying. Yesterday Maddie was walking around saying, "9, 8 central".  She just kept repeating it over and over like it was stuck in her head.  I don't know if she thinks it's a tv show or something.  I couldn't stop laughing.