Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Baby in the Oven

So, in this video Maddie sees a baby in the oven! What?!?! Ok, so it's just her reflection but she waves to herself (you have to look very closely to see the wave). She likes to look at herself in mirrors and kiss herself. Also in this video you can hear her trying to make a cat's cute but doesn't actually sound like the cat :) She's working really hard on being gentle with the cat. But how do you really teach that? She pets Audrey softly for about a second and then grabs onto a chunk of hair. Audrey's come close to biting Maddie before and I'm terrified she's going to bite her good one of these days. Usually I just try to distract the cat and get her to move away from Maddie...but now that Maddie is getting around so well it's hard for the cat to find a safe place to hide!

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