Thursday, July 12, 2012

San Antonio

So...all the way back in mid-April we went to San Antonio for the weekend.  We left on a Thursday evening and came home on a Sunday afternoon.  It was an INCREDIBLE weekend (if you don't count the sleepless nights, tantrums from two kids who were over-tired, and occasional bouts of rain)!  We spent both full days at Sea World, of course.  But we also took some time to walk around at the River Walk on my birthday :)  I love that place...of course going when we didn't have kids was much more romantic and SO much easier since we didn't have to navigate the sidewalks and numerous bridges with a stroller!

Here are some pictures from our weekend!

Just before going to see the Clyde and Seymore Show. 

 Maddie's first ride!

Watching the dolphins

The girls thought it was pretty cool that the diver waved to them!  (It was feeding time)

Cookie and Zoey!  YAY!!  (This was the day Sadie fell in love with Cookie)

Sadie in front of the entrance to Sea World (Maddie was having one of her over-tired tantrums and refused to get in the picture)

Riding Elmo's carousel

Maddie had to have the purple horse :)

Maddie's first roller coaster!  She LOVED every minute of it and made us get in line with her over and over again to ride it :)

FINALLY got this kid to sleep!



Sadie with the whole Sesame Street gang :)

Sadie touching a dolphin.  Both girls got to touch one, but I didn't get a picture of Maddie :(

Sitting on a bench on the River Walk.  Maddie thought Papa Bear (from Berenstain Bears) built these benches :)  (notice Sadie...she had had enough fun for one day!)

Maddie and Daddy at the Alamo

Mommy and Sadie at the Alamo.  (she still wasn't happy...)

Ahhhh...finally!!  On the way home :)

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