Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mommy's 30 Today

Maddie helped me celebrate my birthday today! It started very early when I heard Maddie crying through the baby monitor. I looked at the clock to see what time it was and it was 4:15. Crazy that that's also today's date!!! I think she knew it was 4/15 and that it was my birthday so she woke up to be the first one to wish me a happy b-day :) Thank God she went back to sleep!

We had a gorgeous day today so Maddie and I went outside with Murphy and we blew some bubbles (thanks Mom B and Sarah and Catherine for the fun b-day box!!) and chased Murphy around the yard a little while. For some reason Maddie doesn't like to be in the grass too long. She'll sit there for a while and then start crawling over to the patio, which tears up her little toes when she crawls on it. Oh well, when she starts walking she'll probably love to run and play in the grass.

Then around 4:30 today I got a special delivery of flowers and balloons from Eric. I taught Maddie how to smell the flowers, which was so sweet! I wish Eric was here to take a picture of us smelling flowers together. Maddie especially loved the balloons! I put them in the playroom so she can watch them, but not where she can touch them. She calls them "baaa", which in baby talk means "ball". Of course a lot of things are "baaa" these days...including bubbles :)

That's all the excitement from today...I don't feel 30 just yet, but Eric's only been gone for a week. I'm sure before too long I'll be feeling my age! This baby is exhausting to take care of 24/7 by myself! I will never take Eric for granted again!

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