Saturday, April 11, 2009

She's Growing Up :(

Maddie is continually learning new things. I know this is a good thing, and I'm SUPER proud of her, but I can't believe my baby girl is growing up! Today she crawled in to the kitchen, looked up at me and said "ma ma". How sweet! This is the first time she's called ma ma without crying in her crib! I'm convinced she finally knows who I am :) Another thing Maddie's started doing is trying to say "good girl". When I say "good girl, Murphy", Maddie comes back with "ga ga". I'm pretty sure she's saying "good girl" because that's the only time she says "ga ga".

Maddie also LOVES music! She recently sang along with the radio when we were in the car one day :) It's so cute! She also sings along to John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (sp?). You know the "la la la la..." part. Maddie really seems to enjoy R&B music the most. If I put the R&B station on the radio in the car, she starts dancing to each new song that comes on. We love to dance together! The best part is that she has no idea that I can't dance...she just knows we're having a great time. Hopefully she doesn't pick up on any of my "moves" because she will seriously be made fun of at school dances!!

The latest updates with Maddie involve meal time. She can now do the sign for "eat". I have to show her first, then she copies me. But she can tell me "more" without me telling her first! I'm so proud of her :) The bad thing is that she ALWAYS wants more! Eric and I are convinced she's going to be the chubby girl on the soccer team, as much as she eats. Ok, I know she needs a lot of food because she's growing and especially since she spends all day crawling around the house and pulling up and walking around the furniture. But she seriously eats more than I thought she would at this age. The good thing is that she's not a picky eater. She eats any and all vegetables, she's had salmon and chicken and she LOVES cut up grapes and strawberries. Really she'll eat anything that she can feed herself. She still likes mommy to feed her stuff but she thinks it's something special when she does it herself.

I guess that's about all of the updates for now. Before long we'll be posting that she's walking...why do they have to grow up so fast?!?!

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