Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Amazing Baby Girl

My sweet Madeline is 18 months old today.  I know people say it all the time but...where has the time gone?!?!  I just can't believe I am just 6 months away from having a 2 year old.  Amazing!  This baby girl continues to amaze me on a daily basis.  Here are some of my favorite things...

1.  She's such a happy girl.  Maddie doesn't just get angry or grumpy for no reason.  When she's playing alone, she's happy.  When she's eating, she's happy.  When she's doing pretty much ANYTHING, she's happy.  She just sings and plays and goes off into her own little world in her imagination :)  She's so sweet.

2.  She has the most incredible imagination!  When Maddie was born I was thinking how much fun it was going to be when she started playing with dolls and stuffed animals, or just REALLY started to interact with her toys.  I thought she'd be at least 2, maybe even close to 3.  Never did I imagine she would basically be playing "mommy" by 18 months old!  She feeds her animals and dolls, puts them to bed (complete with a "snuggly"), covers them up, pats them and says "shhh shhh", and sings her naptime song to them (Nap-t, Nap-t, close eyes, close eyes)  :) 

3.  She remembers things I have forgotten!  Let's just say I'll never be able to tell Maddie "we'll go to the park tomorrow" and think I can get away without taking her...even at this young of an age she remembers things from over a month ago that we haven't done since then.  If we take a few weeks off from the library or The Little Gym, she still doesn't forget.  When I ask her if she wants to go to the library for story time she says "bear", "toys".  When I tell her we're going to The Little Gym tomorrow she says "beam", "Patty", "ball", "yellow", "kick", "bells", "roll", "hands", "stamps".  :)  She's so cool!

4.  I love that she randomly breaks out in song.  Her favorites are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABCs, Naptime (Yo Gabba Gabba song), and Ring Around the Rosey. 

5.  She LOVES animals!  Maddie has no fear of animals.  She loves dogs especially.  Last weekend we encountered a questionable Pit Bull and Maddie cried when I wouldn't let her pet it.  Now, before you judge me...let me explain.  I'm a firm believer in judging a dog by its owner, not its breed.  I'm not worried about letting Maddie touch a Pit Bull any more than her touching a Poodle.  However, this dog had JUST attacked another dog thereby proving it was unpredictable!  Back to Maddie's love of animals...she has two little stuffed dogs that she has named Patches and Murphy (yes, after our dog).  She wants to play with these dogs all day!  She holds them up to the window to show them what's going on outside, she feeds them, changes their diapers (I know...), puts them to sleep, and has them sleep with her in her crib for naps and at bedtime (except tonight she wanted them to sleep in the chair...).

Ok, there is a lot more that I love about Maddie but I need to get off of this computer and get downstairs to clean up the kitchen from dinner.  BLAH.  I like putting it off, but that just makes me get to bed way too late!

I'll leave you with two pictures we got in the snow yesterday!

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