Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Still Trying...

I feel like I've been a mom of two kids for forever but it's taking me forever to get into a routine.  And then I remind myself it's only been 6 weeks!  I feel like I should be in a good routine by now.  Some days I feel like I have it together, other days I feel like a train wreck.  Sadie is definitely my #1 priority, just because she HAS to be fed and changed and held when she needs it.  She doesn't understand needs from wants yet so when she cries, she needs something.  Maddie is my #2 priority.  I make sure to put Sadie in her pack 'n play and read books with Maddie, or sit outside with her while she plays, or play with her in her playroom.  I do a lot more games with her in the car (our most recent favorite is saying rhyming words).  I make sure Maddie knows she's still loved and that I WANT to pay attention to her.  I also make it a point to "remind" Sadie to be patient.  If she's crying and needing to eat but I'm getting Maddie something to eat or drink, I'll say, "Sadie, I understand that you're hungry but I need you to try to be patient.  Right now I'm helping Maddie.  Maddie tries to be patient when you need attention so I want you to try to do the same."  Of course this is all for Maddie's benefit at this point...she just beams knowing that it's her turn to have my attention :)  My #3 priority is me...most of the time.  I have been staying up later than I should to work on my #4 priority-housework.  I try to do one load of laundry every day just to keep on top of it so it doesn't pile up on me.  Sometimes the laundry gets washed and dried, then it sits in the dryer until I need to use the dryer for the load the next day.  Then I fold it and put it in a basket.  Yep, that's about as far as it gets.  I currently have no empty baskets.  But that's on my to do list for tomorrow!  The house is pretty much a disaster right now and I'd be pretty embarrassed if anyone came in my front door.  The dishes are done (well, not tonight's yet) and there's no food laying around :)  I have to be happy with that at this point.  Maddie's playroom hasn't been cleaned in several days.  I get her to clean up one thing at a time.  Yesterday she cleaned up her ABC books and her kitchen stuff at different times.  (if she wants to play outside I tell her one thing she needs to get cleaned up before she can go out...it's working pretty well!) 

The girls are both clean, fed and happy so I feel like I'm being successful at being a mom of two for now.  Oh, and Murphy?  HA!  This poor dog is so neglected it's not even funny.  She used to get fed around 7am, now she's lucky to be let out of her crate to go outside and be fed by 9am.  I've let her water bowl go dry a few times and she hasn't had any exercise other than going crazy jumping at the back fence to get at the dogs behind us.  And our house plants?  Let's just go ahead and consider them dead.  :)  Ok, not yet...there's still hope.  It's just that when I get a spare 2 minutes that it would take to water the plants, I'd rather sit down on the couch and rest!  Oh well, life would be more simple without the plants anyway (and the dog, but she was more of an investment than the plants were!)

I know I said I'd post pictures, so here's one for you.  I already loaded the pictures onto a website to order prints and I don't want to go through loading them all on here too...it just takes too long.  Sorry for my impatience, but the dishes are calling and a hot bath and a cold glass of wine are calling me!

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  1. V is now 9 weeks and I still struggle at trying to be a mom of two every day! Last night was my first night trying to put both girls down at the same time by myself. It was a rough 30 minutes, then it was blissful silence and I was proud that I did it. Oh, and our poor dog - he's the most neglected of the bunch!