Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Month Down

Sadie hit the 2 months old yesterday.  It's absolutely amazing how fast time is going, and just how much she has grown and changed in a short 8 weeks.  She has become so social in the past 2 weeks.  She likes to smile a lot (showing off her cute little dimple) and coo now.  It's sweet to see her react to seeing or hearing Maddie!  She already looks up to her big sister :)  Sadie likes to lay on her activity mat now and look at the lights.  I've even caught her looking at the tv a few times.  She's like a typical baby and LOVES to look at ceiling fans.  Other than that, there's not much else going on.  I mean, she's only 8 1/2 weeks old!

In other Sadie news...she's been sick for over half of her life now.  The poor baby just can't catch a break.  I had her to see the pediatrician on October 7th for a bad diaper rash that just wouldn't go away.  It turned out that she was allergic to Pampers with Dry Max.  I changed the diaper brand (to much cheaper diapers!), started using a $40 prescription diaper cream (which didn't work) and her diaper rash eventually started to get better.  On October 18th I took her back to the pediatrician.  This time it was for congestion.  She had been congested for over 2 weeks and I didn't know how long I should go without having her checked.  I was letting her sleep in her carseat so she'd be elevated and using the vaporizer so she'd have some warm moist air to breathe.  I was also suctioning her nose and using saline drops.  The doctor checked her oxygen level (it was perfect) and checked her for ear infections (her ears were perfect).  She told me I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing so just let it run it's course.  While I was there, I had her check out her diaper rash, which had gotten worse, I think from her sitting in her carseat all the time, never getting a break from sitting...the diaper rash had become yeasty so I ended up with a prescription for that.  She started to feel better and was getting less congested when her big sister brought home another nasty bug from MDO.  Sadie ended up with more chest congestion (it was more nasal the first time) and was coughing a lot but not producing anything.  I took her back to the pediatrican this past Monday (November 1st) to have her checked AGAIN.  They checked her ears first and it turns out that she now has double ear infections.  They checked her oxygen level and it was still perfect.  The doctor didn't like the sounds coming from her lungs so she decided to give her a breathing treatment in the office and see how she responded to that.  After the breathing treatment, there was a lot more rattling/wheezing after the treatment but the doctor said that's a good thing.  Her airway was opened up more from the treatment so she should be able to get some of that gunk out of her lungs now.  The diaper rash is still there and could possibly get worse now that she's on an antibiotic.  My poor baby!!!

Sadie is well on her way to recovery and will be rechecked this Friday to see how she's progressing.  In the meantime she's getting her antibiotic twice a day and a breathing treatment 4-6 times a day.  She's responding well to the breathing treatments and even fell asleep during it last night.  She's such a precious little angel!

Here is a picture of her getting her breathing treatment:

She looks a little freaked out, but she was ok, I promise :)

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