Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Before Thanksgiving

The retailers finally sucked me in...we started decorating for Christmas today.  Let me just start off by apologizing to my husband for getting a little sidetracked at Walmart today and splurging on some unexpected Christmas decorations :)  Sorry sweetie!  But when you see what I bought and how overjoyed Maddie is, you'll get over it...  ha!

When Maddie goes shopping with me at Walmart we always go see the fishies (by the way, don't EVER buy a fish from Walmart.  They all look diseased and there are ALWAYS dead fish floating at the top, so gross!).  Back to the story...the fish tanks are located back by the seasonal area and I thought I'd go look for a stocking for Sadie since she doesn't have one yet.  Maddie wanted to look at the Christmas trees and went right over to the little 3 1/2 foot tall trees and started touching them.  She told me the trees were wonderful and she loved them.  I HAD to buy one for her :)  I asked her if she wanted the pink one or the purple one and my heart did a little happy dance when she chose the purple!  The tree was only $20 so I was super happy about that.  Then we moved on to the decorations.  I had beaded garland at home already then I bought a few sets of ornaments and one set of super cute Tinkerbell Fairy ornaments.  I was definitely enjoying it more than Maddie was :)

After Maddie's nap today we started decorating the tree.  Maddie was so into it!  We had to take a break so I could feed Sadie, have dinner, give Sadie a bath and put her to bed, then get Maddie a bath and ready for bed.  Then it was back to decorating!  I recently downloaded the Veggie Tales Christmas album for free so I turned that on to get us in the Christmas spirit.  I let Maddie do as many ornaments as she could do on her own (after I did the garland).  I only put an ornament on if she told me she couldn't do it.  The ornaments started out all clumped together in one spot so I told her to try spreading them out a little.  She started putting an ornament on every branch around the top of the tree :)  What a little perfectionist she is...I call her my little Eric.  hee hee

Here are some pictures of the festivities:

So happy with her new Christmas tree!  (we had the windows open today, it was 80 degrees!!)

Putting the first ornament on :)

Trying to put the star on top.


Looking so pretty!

My favorite ornament, one of my favorite pictures!

Focusing on putting one ornament on each branch (I hate to break it to her...I didn't buy that many ornaments!)

She stood beside the tree, counted to 15, then leaned in and said "cheese" for me to take her picture :)

Giving the tree a kiss.  Then she said, "I love you, Christmas tree."

THIS is my favorite picture!

See, Eric, you forgot all about me spending extra money today, didn't you?  Love you and can't wait to see you in 12 days!!!

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