Saturday, November 27, 2010

Calming Down

It seems that my house is calming down a bit.  Sadie is feeling better and not needing her breathing treatments anymore so she's getting into a routine.  She has slept through the night twice now so I'm thrilled about that!  She's even getting better with her daytime naps.  She used to not want to relax enough to let herself fall asleep until this week.  I've started a nap time routine that includes closing her blinds, closing the drapes, turning on a cd of lullaby music (to drown out the other noises in the house), rocking her for about a minute then putting her down and giving her a little kiss.  Sometimes she fusses for a few minutes, but most of the naps (4 per day at least) she just puts her thumb in her mouth and goes right to sleep.  Her naps are lasting about an hour to an hour and a half but this afternoon she slept over 2 hours.  YAY!!  I'm pretty sure she's hitting that 3-month growth spurt because she's also eating a lot more frequently during the day.  But, hey, I can't complain about that when she's sleeping through the night!  The good thing is that at least one of Sadie's naps overlaps with Maddie's nap so I have a little time to myself.  I've napped twice and the other times I've either showered or gotten some cleaning done.  It's so nice knowing both girls are sleeping so I can let my brain relax a little :)

I'm so glad I'm feeling like my life is getting more predictable now.  I can actually plan out when I'm going to shower or do chores or cook.  It's nice since I can be a bit of a control freak...I feel like I'm back in control and not my girls.  The inmates are no longer running the asylum :)  (that's for you, Guy!)

Well, it's 7:20pm and both girls have been in bed for 20 minutes so I'm going to get the kitchen cleaned up and catch up on my DVR'd shows.  I always have to get that cleaned out before Eric comes home.  When he's home I end up recording so many shows that it fills up before I have a chance to watch what I want :)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! 

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