Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Maddie, My Maddie

Wow.  This girl continues to amaze me every day!  Today at school they had pictures with Santa.  Over the past week or so Maddie has randomly told me that Santa is a little bit scary.  We haven't seen Santa yet, have only talked about him bringing presents and leaving cookies out for him but for some reason she still thinks he's scary.  So last night I warned her teacher that she's afraid of him and I apologized in advance if she gave them a hard time.  Well, they had her go last so she got to watch all of her classmates have a picture taken with Santa.  NONE of them cried!!  Then it was Maddie's turn...they said she walked right up to Santa, the teacher put her on Santa's lap, then Maddie cried.  They took a picture.  I'm anxious to see it!  :)

Eric comes home on Friday.  Yes, as in 36 hours from now.  My house is a disaster so pray I can get some of it cleaned up (and stop thinking "Get off the computer, Sarah"...don't you know what a procrastinator I am?  The more I have to do the less I want to do).  Anyway, back to Eric coming home.  Maddie will be in school when he comes home and she has NO IDEA he's coming home this soon.  She's definitely ready to see Daddy again.  Over the past couple of weeks she's asked me, "Mommy, is Daddy getting close to us yet?"  I'm pretty sure she thinks when he leaves on the big airplane that he just circles the world in the plane for a few weeks then comes home :)  Today her teacher told me that she started crying (before the Santa photo) and said she missed her daddy so much.  :(  Poor baby girl.  So, when it's time to go pick Maddie up from school on Friday Eric's going to go with me to surprise her.  I can't wait to see the look on her face!!  I plan on taking the camera and hope to capture the moment...

And now I'll leave you with some conversations with Maddie:

I was explaining to Maddie that all parts of you make up your body, your arms, legs, chest, head, everything.  She smiled and said, "And you nipples?"  Nice.


Maddie (smelling the airfreshner):  "Mommy, this one smells like caffeine.  I LOVE caffeine, Mommy!"


Me:  "Maddie, have I told you lately how cute you are?"
Maddie:  "Yes, Mommy.  I am super cute."


Maddie was chewing on her sippy cup at dinner...

Me:  "Maddie, don't chew on your cup.  Drinks are not for chewing, food is for chewing."
Maddie:  "Mommy, are chairs for chewing?"
Me:  "No, chairs are not for chewing, food is for chewing."
Maddie:  "Are tables for chewing?"
Me:  "No, tables are not for chewing, food is for chewing."
Maddie (giggling and looking WAY up at the ceiling fan):  "Are fans for chewing?"
Me:  "I'll tell you what...if you can get your mouth on that fan, you go right ahead and chew it."
Maddie (looking  perplexed):  "But I just not have a ladder..."



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