Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5 Months

Today my Sadie Mae turned 5 months old!  Seriously?!?!  I'm noticing her growing up so fast already and I really wish I could slow time down so I could savor all her cuteness and chubbiness.  I told her yesterday that she was growing up so fast and soon she would be a big girl.  Maddie didn't like hearing that and told me, in the whiniest voice, "But I don't want Sadie to grow up and be a big girl.  I always want her to be my baby sister."  I tried to explain to her that Sadie would always be her little sister no matter how old they get.  She acted like she understood but I'm not sure she really did :)

Sadie's been staying awake a lot more during the day now.  If we're home she'll take good naps, usually 3 a day and they're ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours.  If we're away from home she sleeps when we're in the car but is awake while we're out and about.  She'll doze in the stroller or shopping cart, but doesn't really sleep.  I find myself (at home) trying to put her down for more frequent naps than what she wants now.  I just got into such a habit of doing what I had to do with her and then putting her down to sleep again.  Now I have to find ways to keep her entertained while she's awake. 

Sadie started using her exersaucer.  She seems to enjoy it a lot but gets frustrated that she can't pull all the toys to her mouth yet.  She also gets frustrated when one of her arms gets down in the seat with her and she can't figure out how to get it out.  She has already figured out how to make some of the toys spin.  Well, there are only two that spin so she has those figured out.  And she'll just stare at the one while it's spinning around, absolutely amazed by it.

Sadie is starting to get more and more excited about Murphy when she sees her.  It's so cute to see her get excited when Murphy starts coming close to her.  She's no where near as excited as Maddie used to get over Murphy, but I can tell she's interested. 

Sadie still hasn't rolled over from her back to her belly.  She's a back sleeper and is just so content to be on her back most of the time so she doesn't have any motivation to roll to her belly.  She resists tummy time with every thing she has.  She lasts about 5 minutes then we've all had enough of trying to make her be on her belly.  At least she doesn't have a flat head...I'm cool with her not being on her belly as long as she's not getting a deformed head from spending too much time on it.  I guess that's where the exersaucer and bumbo come in handy :)

Today Sadie got to meet her Pap Pa (her great grandpa-my dad's dad).  Pap Pa is her only living great grandpa so I'm so glad she got to meet him today!  She looked into his eyes and gave him several super sweet smiles!  They have the same beautiful blue eyes :)  I'm looking forward to Maddie and Sadie spending more time with their great grandparents while they're visiting from PA over the next month.

So, that's what's new with my littlest one :)  Life is SO GOOD!

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  1. Are you ready for the big game this weekend!