Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Break

It's been a while since my last post, and it will probably be a while until my next post.  There's always so much going on that I want to share with everyone, but I just don't have time to sit down and compose my thoughts and form it into a sensible blog post.  So, once again I'll give you some bullets :)  Sorry...but I figure you'd prefer that over a wordy play-by-play, right? 

-Sadie is such a bundle of joy.  I know I say this a lot, but she really does brighten up my days!  A sweet snuggle with her takes away and bad feelings I'm having :)

-Sadie saw her first zoo animals today!  I held her a lot when I took the girls to the zoo and she noticed any animals that were moving quickly enough to grab her attention.  The first one she noticed was the sea lion.  These are Maddie's favorite so it was exciting for Sadie to see them too!

-Maddie bought herself a stuffed sea lion the last time we went to the zoo.  I let her take along some of her own money (she chose to take $8) and she picked out an animal all by herself.  The animal was $7.99 and we get a 15% discount by being zoo members so she even got to bring change home to put in her piggy bank!  What a fun experience that was!

-The stuffed sea lion's name is "Hackseek".  Another interesting name that she came up with and I have no idea what made her think of that.  She hasn't forgotten his name since the first time she said it.  Hackseek enjoyed the sea lion show with us today as well.

-Maddie is growing up so fast!  Her 3T shirts that I bought her at the beginning of fall/winter are getting snug.  They look like they fit her just fine but we're beginning to really struggle to get them on and off.  It's not fun.  It's about time to start shopping for spring/summer and I don't know if I should buy her 3T or just skip straight to the 4T so we'll be sure she'll fit in them all summer.  I can't believe she'll be 3 in June and is already outgrowing 3T clothes! 

-Maddie is really getting social.  We invited some of her classmates over to play after school yesterday and she had so much fun with them.  Only 2 we able to make it and I think that turned out to be the perfect number. She was happy to show her friends her playroom and then asked me to turn on music so they could dance together.  (sidenote:  one of her favorite songs to dance to is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and she was SO EXCITED when they played that song before the sea lion show started today!!)

-Next week is a crazy week for us!  My brother comes in for a visit on Monday, Eric comes home on Thursday and my sister comes in on Friday.  Saturday ther Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade is taking place so we plan on going downtown to enjoy seeing all the trail riders coming into Houston for the rodeo!!!  I've been wanting to go to this parade since we moved down here so I'm thrilled that we're going this year.  Maddie's going to have a blast!  It might be a little cold first thing in the morning but I'm sure she'll enjoy lots of snuggle time with Daddy to stay warm :)

-I am super tired and even though I have a lot to do tonight, I'm going to take a Tylenol PM at 7:30 then head to bed.  I figure a few nights in a row of getting 10 hours of sleep should help me feel better...I just can't get energy.  Tomorrow's another busy day starting with taking Murphy to get a bath before we even drop Maddie off at school so it'll be good to get a lot of sleep tonight!!

Goodnight all...hopefully you'll hear from me before the end of the month :)

Sadie 5 months old, Maddie 2 years 8 months

I took a break from sorting baby clothes to change a diaper...Maddie took the opportunity to make herself a seesaw out of a basket :)

The Houston Deep Freeze of 2011...this picture was taken at 4:00pm!

A close up of our poor frozen van.

Super Bowl baby!  Sadly we didn't win :(  But Daddy's team won so it's ok!

My supermodel-in-the-making.  She was really posing for pictures :)

Go Steelers!!

Last Friday after school Maddie rested in a laundry hamper.  She was pretending to be a dog and this was her cage.  She stayed in it for about 20 minutes while watching tv :)

The top view.  What an imagination!

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