Monday, April 25, 2011

Cover Model

I entered Sadie in the Parents Magazine Cover Contest!!  Please, please, please go to this link and vote for her!  Unfortunately the initial round is purely a popularity contest and has nothing to do with how cute the kids are.  That's why I really need your votes!!  Parents have to ask for votes from friends and family.  Please post this link to your facebook page, email it to your friends and family and tell them that this is the cutest baby you've ever seen!!  (sorry if you've also entered your child, then I will excuse you from voting for mine)  :)  If Sadie happens to be one of the top 10 babies from this week, she'll be entered into the semi-finals and then the voting will actually be based on cover model potential!  Maybe it's just because she's my baby, but I think she has the potential to go all the way :)

You can go on and vote every day this week so PLEASE vote for my baby girl!!  We would LOVE a trip to NY City to get her a photo shoot :)

Thanks for your help! 

Here's the link again...

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