Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

Today was such a BEAUTIFUL day!  It's been really warm here for a while now but it's been a little more humid than I like for being out playing.  Well, today was a perfect weather kind of day.  The day started out cool and dry so I enjoyed a cup of coffee on the back patio.  Maddie was out there with me, but at least we were outside before 8 am :)  I had to stop by the dentist's office this morning then we were off to the zoo.  It was a gorgeous day and you could tell by the full parking lot at the zoo!  Everyone wanted to take advantage of the nice weather.  Even though it was busy, it was still a really nice day.   We invited one of Maddie's classmates along with us (and her mom and baby sister) so we all had a more enjoyable time...Maddie had a little friend to keep her interest and I had some adult conversation along the way.  How nice!  Maddie and her friend (Caley) held hands most of the way around the zoo (until they started getting tired and grumpy with each other).  They were super excited about the animals together but even more excited to find sticks!  They kept finding bigger and bigger sticks for each other to carry around.  It was funny...they lost interest in the animals faster than I expected them to.  Even though they paid less attention to than animals, they had so much fun together.  I think Maddie came home with more dirt on her than I've ever seen in her life.  Oh well, it was still a fun day!  We got to the zoo right around 11am and didn't leave until after 4pm.  Leaving that late was definitely a bad idea...we didn't get home until around 5:30.  Traffic was pretty crazy.  It was ok though because both girls were asleep and I just took my time and was patient getting through the traffic and we made it home in one piece :)

So, I want to revisit Maddie being into sticks...she is so funny!  Every morning when it's time to get dressed, Maddie tells me she wants to wear a "pretty and frilly dress so I can spin and dance".  But then when she gets outside she wants to chase bugs, pick up sticks, dig in the dirt, etc.  She's such a tomboy and girly girl all in one!  I LOVE it!  I can just picture her when she's older going out camping and shooting guns with her dad then coming home and getting all dressed up to go out with her girlfriends (no dates with boys, though!!)  :)

Oh!  One more thing I wanted to mention today (but don't really know how to fit it in, so I'll just make a separate note).  Sadie held her own bottle to have her milk today!!  What an exciting time that was!  I always hated it when I had to stop everything to sit down and feed her a bottle.  Now those days are over.  YAY!!'s the little things that make me happy.  It wasn't a big deal with Maddie because she was my only child, but now with Sadie, Maddie doesn't understand when we have to stop everything just because Sadie's hungry.  Now we don't have to stop and everyone can be happy!

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