Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Still Here

Just wanted to pop in and say hi!  It's been crazy around our house lately.  We haven't even had wireless internet for the entire month of May and who uses a desktop anymore??  :)  I'm behind on the blog, and WAY behind on printing pictures to send to grandmas and aunts.  I haven't even loaded them to be printed yet.  Hopefully I'll get that done soon so I don't have 3 months to catch up on!!

So, we got our new internet provider today so everything's good in that department.  Hopefully we're happier with Century Link and Direct TV than we were with Comcast/Xfinity.  Time will tell.

Other things going on in our lives...
Maddie finished her first full year of school.  She'll be turning three in less than two weeks!  I'm so not ready for that.  :(
Sadie's almost 9 months old already.  She's so sweet and fun and I can't get enough of snuggling with her!  I want to hold her and kiss her all day and savor the time when she loves me unconditionally.  I know this sweet innocence will be gone before I'm ready so I'm trying to really enjoy it now!
Eric's home on vacation.  This is his last vacation before returning to Houston permanently!!!!  He leaves to go back to Nigeria on June 1st and will return home around the 4th of July.  YAY!!  He's been working in Nigeria since April 2009.  27 months of living without him is long's time to get back to "normal".  Of course it will take a lot of adjustment getting into a good routine but it's going to be so nice having Daddy home for dinner every night and having him here for school activities and weekend picnics at the park.  We're so blessed!

Well, I guess that's it for now. 

Oh, and we went to the beach yesterday for the first time this year.  I had Eric take a picture of me with my girls.  Maddie had a blast...Sadie will probably have a blast next year :)

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