Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend Update

Maddie had a very busy weekend! Friday night we went to our neighbor's house for an incredible lasagne dinner (Thank you Barb!). Maddie stayed up WAY past her bedtime, which is really getting to be a bad habit for us lately. The unfortunate thing for me was that she didn't really sleep in all that much Saturday morning! She was up and ready to play by 7:30am. I guess I shouldn't complain, I still got at least 8 hours of sleep, but I'm just used to a minimum of 9 hours! We spent Saturday playing and napping (Maddie, not me) and then we went out for dinner Saturday night with Maddie's playgroup. We had a really nice BBQ dinner at a local restaurant which was really fun! It was kind of crazy having a group of 12 adults and 6 babies! We only stayed there for about an hour then we invited one couple to our house and their daughter and Maddie played for a while until Maddie was BEYOND tired (around 9:30). It is nice that she'll actually stay awake later than 6:30pm now so she can be a little more social :) We had a Christmas party for the playgroup and Maddie was heading to bed just as our guests were arriving...definitely not a night owl! Sunday morning started bright and early to get up and try out a new church. We've lived here for almost 16 months now and we've FINALLY found a church Eric and I agree on :) Maddie behaved herself through church and then fell asleep in the carseat on the way home...it was past her usual nap time by then. The rest of Sunday was spent watching football and relaxing. Maddie watched the kickoff of the Steelers game but then was off for a really late nap. She really seems to enjoy watching football on tv when it's not time for sleeping! Hopefully she'll get to watch some of the Super Bowl at least :) Monday I didn't have to babysit since there was no school (the mom is a teacher so when school's out I don't work!) so Maddie and I had a chance to meet Daddy for lunch. We did that a couple of times during winter break and we really missed it! So we met at an awesome Mexican restaurant (Chuy's) and enjoyed some steak burritos-YUMMY! Afterwards Daddy headed back to work and Maddie and I enjoyed some shopping at Baby's R Us :) That about exhausted Maddie (she was awake for over 4 hours at that point) so she slept A LOT the rest of the day! Whew...it's nice that today we'll be back on our usual schedule and will only leave the house to pick up the babysittees from preschool! I'm sure Maddie will enjoy a relaxing staying home all day to sleep whenever she wants :)

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