Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Way to go Steelers!

As you can see, we were rooting for the Steelers to win the Super Bowl! Of course, as usual, they didn't let us down...

We had a small Super Bowl party at our house and Maddie and I were the only two rooting for the Steelers (well, Eric was kind of on our side, I guess). All of our other guests were mostly southerners and were going for the Cardinals. One of Maddie's little friends from her playgroup, Saylor, stopped by to have some pictures taken and she was even all decked out in a Cardinals cheerleading outfit. Crazy what we do to our kids, huh? :)

So, here are a few pictures we got from the Super Bowl party!

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  1. Had to comment! I was eight months pregnant for the Super Bowl and my husband had the chance to go! We just crossed our fingers that I wouldnt go into labor while he was gone! Thankfully, I didn't. Love the Steelers bow! Too cute :)