Friday, October 16, 2009

Our Vacation

What a vacation!  It was really nice to get out of the house :)  I didn't have any meals to prepare, I didn't have any cleaning up to do, I didn't have two pesky animals to worry about.  It was as relaxing as a vacation with a 16 month old can be!  Maddie did as well as can be expected for the trip.  She enjoyed the plane ride with Daddy.  He showed her the clouds, she said "weee" as we hit turbulence, she looked perplexed at the idea that we were in the air...she said "uh oh" when she realized we were above the trees (when we were about to land).  I think the whole idea confused her a little.  But at least she was more aware of what we were doing this time.  This was her 4th trip by plane and the first time she began to grasp the concept of traveling through the sky.  It's really cool to share these experiences with her and watch her trying to understand what things are and what's going on.

Another cool experience we got to share with her is the ocean!  She's been to the beach before, but just like the airplane, I don't think she could really grasp it.  Our hotel room was an ocean front room and as soon as we got to our room and she looked out the sliding glass door, she yelled "pooool!"  She couldn't wait to go swimming in that giant pool :)  We kept telling her "that's not a pool, that's the ocean" and by Wednesday evening she finally starting calling it "ocean" instead of "pool".  Maddie enjoyed playing in the sand, as she has in Galveston, but there were some really cool things at this beach that Galveston doesn't have.  This beach had a TON of shells.  Most of them were pretty small and a lot were broken up, but I found one bigger shell that she just fell in love with.  She was holding it to her chest, patting it and saying "shh shh".  She really loved that shell!  We took pictures of her with her shell because we thought we couldn't bring it home.  But we managed to get it home afterall :)  One of Maddie's favorite things we found on the beach were hermit crabs.  These things were SO SMALL!  The shells weren't even as big as my pinky fingernail, that's how small they were.  Maddie thought they were cute and even let them crawl on her hand and arm.  It was really sweet.

One more fun experience for us to share with Maddie was going for a ride on a boat!  We went out on a glass bottom boat (which sounds a lot more exciting than it really is) on Tuesday morning.  We left around 11 and got back sometime around 2.  Maddie enjoyed seeing other boats while we were out on the ocean, but I'm not sure if she really understood the concept of the boat.  At least we have pictures of her with us on the boat to show her when she's older.  She got to watch the fishies through the glass window and one of the crew members on the boat was feeding the fish crackers so we could see them come to the surface of the water to eat.  She liked that! 

Other than those things, we just enjoyed some time at the pool.  Maddie loves the water so she would've been content to stay in the pool all day except they didn't have a kiddie pool and she wanted to be on her own...that's why it was actually better to be playing on the beach!  Maddie seemed to enjoy the food while we were there.  She wasn't too picky, but she didn't eat any vegetables the whole time we were there, barely ate any fruit, and loaded up on desserts.  But somehow she still managed to get the Mexico poops :(  Yesterday was the worst when she had a blowout on the way to the airport.  YUCK!  Hopefully it's run its course by now and she'll be back to normal soon.  At least she isn't acting any differently! 

Well, I guess that's all for now.  I'll post pictures once I put them on the computer.  Hopefully we got some really nice ones!

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