Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bad Habits

At the risk of making myself seem like a bad parent, I'm going to tell you something really funny that Maddie did today :)  I bought a toddler quilt/pillow sham set from a local online yardsale website and went to go pick it up today.  Well, I didn't have quite enough cash on my so I had to stop at the ATM on the way.  I waited my turn in line, then pulled up, put the window down and took out my $20.  Then I put the money in my wallet, put the window up and pulled away.  Immediately Maddie says "french fries", quickly followed by "cheese".  I about died!  She thought we had stopped to get some fast food :)  I had a good laugh at her and explained that Mommy didn't get her any french fries.  She got over it so that was good, but I really had to think about how frequently I go through the drive through!  I took her through a drive through once last week and another day we ate at McDonald's with some friends.  That's the most we've been to fast food in a while so it's funny that she knows what it is.  She's just too smart!

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