Thursday, November 19, 2009

Funny Girl

Maddie is SUCH A GOOFBALL!!  Tonight I was getting dinner out (nothing dogs and leftover potatoes) and Maddie saw the hot dogs on the counter.  She started saying "hot dog" but I wasn't fully paying attention so I didn't realize what she was saying.  Since I didn't say anything, she felt it was necessary to get my attention.  She came over, looked up at me and said "hot dog" with an attitude look in her eyes.  I told her I didn't understand and she said "puppy" and ran over and pointed to the hot dogs on the counter.  :)  dog = puppy...get it?  She cracks me up!

Speaking of food...I'm finding it very interesting what Maddie requests to eat these days.  I'm a big believer in feeding her what I eat.  I don't want to get her in the habit of me making her a special meal.  However, if she eats at least SOME of what I give her, I'll give her something else as long as she specifically asks for it.  Tonight I gave her the cut up hot dog and some leftover potatoes.  While she was eating she asked for cereal.  I asked if she wanted cereal, just to clarify that I heard her correctly and she said, "yes, Froot Loops".  So, that's what she had for dinner...a hot dog and potatoes with a side of Froot Loops.  Go ahead...judge me if you must :)

Tomorrow I'm leaving Maddie with a babysitter in our house for the first time EVER!  I left her with family members last summer when she was an infant, but I haven't left her with a stranger.  We met the babysitter yesterday and Maddie fell in love with her :)  It took her about 10-15 minutes to warm up and get used to her being in our house and then she started showing off and being goofy.  I mean, goofier than I've ever seen her!  She was literally bouncing off the walls.  She ran into the window in the playroom, was throwing herself across this big ball we have in the playroom torpedo style, throwing things, bringing things to the babysitter to show them to name it, Maddie was doing it.  She just made me laugh!  At one point I told Maddie to give me a high five and put my hand up.  She looked at my hand and completely dissed me!  She turned to the babysitter and gave her a high five instead...when it was time for the babysitter to leave I asked Maddie if she wanted her to come back another day and she said "yes" without hesitation.  I'm so glad they hit it off!!!  I'll still be a little nervous tomorrow, but I know she's in good hands so I know we'll both be fine :)

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