Friday, July 30, 2010

Catch Up

My goodness...I always feel like I'm trying to play catch up with the blog!  I have good intentions on keeping current but then I run out of energy and would honestly rather veg and watch tv or relax in the tub than to type anything.  It doesn't help that my pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome is getting worse and worse by the day.  I had it with Maddie too so I know it'll be better after the baby's born.

I'm going to catch up in a few quick paragraphs:

First of all, Eric came home last Thursday and left this past Thursday (yesterday).  He normally gets a 2-3 week vacation but due to him coming home again at the end of August for the birth of the baby he had to make this one a short one.  It was nice to have him home since he got a lot done for me, especially in preparing for the baby.  I told him I wanted to have things ready to go in case she decides to make her appearance before he comes home on Aug 31st (our c-section is Sept 2nd so that's not a big window...).  He finished painting the nursery, put together the crib, brought down the pack 'n play and set it up in our bedroom, brought the infant car seat down and bases for me to clean (those nice rats that visited us a while back left us special treats!), and just generally got me motivated to get moving.  I still have a lot to do for the nursery but we'll see how much I can really do before September!  I need to sew the crib skirt but it's been over 2 years since I sewed using a pattern that I look at it and get all confused.  I might just need to look at it again on Tuesday when Maddie's not around distracting me.  I also have to wash baby clothes, empty out two drawers in my dresser to put baby stuff in while she sleeps in our room, sterilize bottles and such, buy newborn diapers and I don't even know what else...I made a list for myself but as I sit here right now I can't remember everything :)

We had a prenatal check up on Wednesday and everything's looking good.  I was scolded on my weight gain :(  That was the first time my doctor sounded disappointed with my weight gain so I was a little ashamed.  And then I got over it and had a piece of German Apple Cake that Eric made while he was home :)  My blood pressure is still looking good (116/70) and baby's heartbeat is strong and healthy.  We have the name decided on now.  Well, that's about 95% true.  Eric said he's still waiting for something else to strike him but he's not looking.  So unless he hears another name within the next 5 weeks, we have the name picked.  We still aren't sharing until she's born so don't ask!

Maddie gets cuter and sweeter and more spoiled by the day...Mother's Day Out is going GREAT!  She had three times in a row that she didn't cry when I dropped her off.  She started eating her lunches now and is napping better, all signs that she's comfortable there.  I'm so glad we decided to put her in it!  She'll go three days a week in the fall, M, W, F 9:30-2:30 so I'm really looking forward to getting adjusted to having a newborn again while Maddie's out of the house for 15 hours a week.  Maddie started using the word "actually" while Eric was home.  One time she told him, "Daddy, I really hungry.  I really hungry actually".  It's so cute to hear her use new words that surprise us to hear a 2 year old use!  Today I told her to go get her cup of milk so I could put it back in the fridge and she said, "Actually I want to watch you cook". 

Some things that happened while Eric was home (with Maddie)...Maddie went to the circus (she had a lot of fun once Daddy bought her popcorn!), Maddie spun around until she was dizzy and realized what it feels like to be dizzy!  She fell to the floor and said, "oh no, it's spinning."  We asked her what was spinning and she said, "the playroom!".  I laughed so was the cutest thing to hear.  Maddie went shopping with Daddy a couple of times while I stayed home and she seemed to enjoy that one-on-one time.  In general, Maddie just wanted to be Daddy's girl the whole week he was home and didn't want me to do a lot.  Eric had to buckle her into her carseat and take her out, he had to wipe her hands and face after meals, he had to hold her hand when we were walking.  Daddy had to get her up in the mornings and after naps and Daddy even got to give her baths!!

What else?...I guess that's it for now.  After Maddie goes to bed I'll try to put a few pictures up.  It's been a while since I posted any pictures!

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