Friday, July 30, 2010

Picture Catch Up

Maddie on our flight to Baltimore.  What a big girl in a seat all by herself!!

Maddie's favorite (of 3) ride at the fair.

Maddie and Mommy watching the parade.  We were probably waving at the firetrucks.  They were LOUD but Maddie loved them!

Maddie at her first fireworks display.

This is what a 25 month old looks like next to a 2 week old.  Oh boy am I in for it!! 

Maddie watching the circus with Daddy.

Playing after the circus was over...just waiting for the crowd to clear a little.

Apparently we have another rat problem...

Or this is the last time Eric lets Maddie help him with the cheese :) (This was one of 3 or 4 that she bit into!)

Maddie posing for a picture.  Notice the forced smile.  She was NOT happy with me but I promised her if I could take 5 pictures of her smiling then we would go to the airport.  She LOVES the airport.

This is the "cheese" face.  It doesn't look like she's smiling at all...

So then I told her to laugh and smile pretty and I got a much nicer shot!

First time fingerpainting today!  She really enjoyed making a mess :)

Focusing on her masterpiece.

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