Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We're Home!!

Just wanted to stop by and say hi to everyone :)  Maddie and I spent a great 9 days with my mom (she came to Houston) then 13 days back in Maryland and Pennsylvania visiting with my family.  It's been fun and also a little tiring.  We got home last night and this morning we're getting right back into the swing of things.  Maddie will be heading to Mother's Day out in less than an hour, I will go grocery shopping then come home, get it all put away, put on my bathing suit and head to the pool to relax without a toddler.  If only I could enjoy a margarita...  :)

I'll work on getting some pictures together over the next couple of days to share our vacation with you all.  Maddie was such a trooper on our trip.  She LOVED the plane taking off and she LOVED showing off for our family.  She met a lot of cousins on this trip (most she had met before but was way too young to remember).  She enjoyed playing outside with my sister's boys for about 3 hours on Sunday afternoon and has been asking me "Where Jon go?" or "Where Jon went?" ever since.  She took to him right away!

Ok, I better go get Maddie up and ready for school.  Hope everyone's enjoying their summer vacations!

7 more weeks til baby #2 arrives :)  :)  :)

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