Sunday, June 20, 2010

Quotes by Maddie

"I have a baby in my belly"

"Oh, Mommy, you give me best milk ever"

"I sorry 'bout that, Momma"

"I eat bologna all day.  I can't get enough"

"That's a hard word." (when I asked her if she could say "Josh and Amy")

"Look!  My baby sister moving too!" (while sucking her belly in and out...we had just watched my belly moving while baby sister was rolling/kicking)

"Momma, you give me energy."

"Momma, you my best friend."

"It's lunch time.  Stop cleaning Momma."

"Pray Jesus make Maddie stop crying."

"Mommy, you like bananas and hold banana peels?" (I let her hold the whole banana with the peel for the first time so it was a pretty big deal.)

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