Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Maddie!!

Happy Birthday to Mommy's sweet princess!  Today you are two years old and I can't believe you've been in my life this long.  It feels like time has gone by so fast, yet somehow like I've been your mommy forever.  On this special day I want to share with you some bits of your personality, your likes and dislikes so you can look back in the years to come and see how sweet you were as a 2 year old.

Your likes:

Snuggly!  This snuggly has been a big part of your life since you were about 6 months old.  We started out trying to keep snuggly in your bed but as you became more and more attached I gave in and let you have it everywhere you go now.  We've lost snuggly a couple of times (in the black hole called Walmart) but luckily we've recovered it!  I don't know what you would do without your lovey.

Your thumb...this goes along with snuggly.  You started sucking your thumb around 3 months old.  Daddy and I decided to take your pacifier because we were tired of you waking up every 5 minutes when it fell out of your mouth after you fell asleep.  After we took the binky, you tried just about every combination of fingers to suck on before you finally settled on your right thumb.  There was no going back from that point!  The nicest things about you sucking your thumb are that you're a good sleeper and you only suck your thumb when you're holding snuggly.

Animals.  You love all animals.  When you see birds you tell me "touch it" and walk after the bird like you're Snow White or Cinderella.  I wish animals flocked to you like that because I know you would love it...but unfortunately you're not a Disney princess :)  Right now you're really into Koalas.  You have three stuffed koalas that I often find in your bed with you when I get you up from bedtime or naps.  I showed you a picture of Mommy holding a real koala and you wanted to take that picture to bed with you. 

Your favorite tv shows are Wonder Pets, Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora, Diego, Max & Ruby, Backyardigans, Clifford and Barney.  You're just starting to get more into Sesame Street and LOVE Abby's flying fairy school.  I try to limit how much tv you watch but most days we at least watch Gabba and Dora.  You also like to watch the Disney Princess movies, with Snow White being your favorite.

Your favorite foods are blackberries (this is a new favorite as they're just coming into season), blueberries, green beans, peas, corn, quesadillas, grilled cheese, mac & cheese (do you see a theme here?  You LOVE all kinds of cheese!), marshmallows, peanut butter on bananas, popcorn and fruit snacks.  Oh, and ice creams and cupcakes, of course :)

You love to go swimming and have gotten so brave in the water.  You like to jump off of the side of the pool for Mommy to catch you.  You want to swim all by yourself and frequently say "Mommy, let go" while I'm helping you swim to the side of the pool.  You have the doggy paddle motion down but just have a hard time keeping your body above water :)  I think I'll keep helping you for a while!

Some of your favorite toys include your tea set that you got for your first birthday.  I can't believe you've had that thing for a year and you're still playing with it!  Your kitchen.  You like to make lunch for Mommy, Murphy and Audrey.  When you see me get my whisk out in the kitchen, you have to run and get your whisk too.  You absolutely love to read.  You ask me to read books over and over again until you have it just about memorized.  Books you can "read" on your own include The Foot Book, More Spaghetti I Say, and Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat Are you Waking Up.  I also recently checked out a book about a squirrel that is your new favorite.  It's recommended for ages 5-7 but you constantly ask for it :)  I'm glad you enjoy a good story and can pay attention even if a book takes 10-15 minutes to read.  Story time is one of my favorite times with you!  It's the only time you let me hold you and snuggle you anymore.

Your favorite color is definitely pink.  When I give you a choice between two outfits, 9 out of 10 times you go for the pink one.  Snuggly often has to "pick" for you.  I think you're too shy to make the choice by yourself so it helps you to have snuggly make the decision for you :)  You're lucky snuggly likes pink as much as you do!

You just started drinking out of a big girl cup (no sippy lid).  I gave you the cup two days in a row at meal times with about an inch of water in it.  The third morning I gave you the water, you picked it up with one hand and took a drink without spilling any or was like you were an old pro already.  I still don't trust you with the cup away from the table or with anything other than water...but we'll get there :)

Your dislikes:

Anything I tell you to do.  Yes, you have to do things when YOU want to.  Usually all I have to do is leave you alone and say "tell Mommy when you're ready" and within 10 seconds you tell me "I ready now". 

People coming to our house.  I don't know what it is but you don't like it when someone rings the doorbell.  I don't know if it's because it surprises you or if you feel like someone's going to take you away, or maybe you think Mommy's going to leave you with the person.  Whatever the reason, I have to hold you to answer the door and then keep you with me as long as the person stays (if they're staying).  I've left you at the table with your dinner before to answer the door and that just results in a melt down!

The heat.  It's only the beginning of June and you're already telling me "I super hot" when we walk outside.  You don't want to get in the car until after it cools down.  I told you to drink water when you're hot, it's like air conditioning for your mouth and stomach and you listened to me :)  Now when you're hot sometimes you'll tell me you need water. 

Taking a bath.  As much as you love the water you don't want me to put you in the tub anymore.  You cry when I put you in and cry while I wash your hair.  After that you're fine and then you don't want to get out of the tub!

Going to bed.  You whine or fuss everytime it's naptime or bedtime.  Even though you're tired and can barely keep your eyes open, you'd still rather be up playing (or sitting on Mommy's lap as it usually is when you're tired).  I just have to rub your back or sometimes read a book before naptime and then you're ok after I close the door.

I'm looking forward to seeing how much you grow and change over the next year.  Some thing we have to look forward to before you turn 3 are:  starting "school" (Mother's Day Out), becoming a big sister, potty training (hopefully), an ever-expanding vocabulary and probably starting to embarrass Mommy in public, Daddy coming home from Nigeria (for good this time!!) and many other things we can't even begin to imagine right now!

Happy Birthday Beautiful!