Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 1 Down

Whew!  We survived day 1!  When I went in to get Maddie she was still on her nap mat.  All the other nap mats were rolled up and put away, all the other kids were playing around Maddie and there she was, just chillin' on her mat, sucking her thumb.  She didn't even seem to notice when I came in to pick her up.  When she did see me (after I had already knelt down on the floor in front of her) she sat up, started crying and hugged me.  I asked her if she had fun at school today and she said "yes" while crying.  Her teachers had a good laugh at that one!  Then I asked if she wanted to come back to school again tomorrow and she said "yes" again.  Both good things!  The teacher said she had a pretty rough day.  She needed to be held a lot and one of the teachers even held her to go to sleep.  (I'm so glad they were willing to do that!)

Here's a picture of the form they sent home with her to let me know how her day went...

After school we went to Tutti Frutti, a self-serve frozen yogurt place, as a special "I'm so proud of my big girl" treat.  Maddie seemed happy to get ice cream.  Tomorrow we're going to buy new shoes after school.  She's had the sneakers she wore today since February and when she ran through the kitchen after school today she said ouch, then bent down and grabbed at her toes.  Yeah, I think she needs new ones! 

So, Maddie wouldn't let me take any "first day of school" pictures before school so after school I asked if I could take some pictures of her now.  She HAD to stand in front of the tv for me to take pictures, but at least she let me take some!  Here they are...

after the FIRST picture she told me "I just need take a break" and went to get a drink of water.

and then the posing began!  You can even see her mouth forming the word "cheese" in some of the pictures :)
in this picture she was very concerned because Murphy started chewing on a toy.  Funny girl!

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