Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Amazing Daughter

Just a few cute things Maddie has done lately...

The other night in the bath tub she was playing with her poof and swimming/kicking around in the tub when the poof got caught on her toe.  She stopped, pulled her foot up out of the water along with the poof and said "what you do?" I responded with "What did you do, Maddie?" and she said (in the most excited voice you can imagine), "I catch a fish!!". 

On Friday I had a pretty bad cough and a sore throat.  Since I was out I grabbed some cough drops.  Maddie asked "what this momma?" and I told her they were for medicine for Mommy's sore throat.  (I didn't want to tell her it was for my cough, because she might think she needed one every time she coughed).  She held the bag all the way to the check out and when we got in the car I popped one in my mouth.  When we got home Maddie was telling me "my froat hurt".  I couldn't really make out what she was trying to say (because she had never talked about her throat before) and finally I asked if she said her throat hurts.  She said "yes" in a sad, sick, pathetic sounding voice.  So I asked her where her throat is...she pointed to her armpit!  She was just pretending she had a sore throat so she could have a cough drop! Little sneaky snot.  I laughed at her and told her "that's not your throat, that's your armpit you silly goose!"  Surprisingly her throat hasn't hurt anymore :)

Maddie has recently taken an interest in my feet.  When she sees my bare feet she says, "hi mommy feet".  Then she talks to them and pretends like they are real things that can speak to her and understand her.  She tells them "watch me mommy feet.  I go play now mommy feet.  I be right back mommy feet".  If I put slippers on she cries because she wants to play with mommy's feet...and here I thought I was doing so well having her in a playgroup so she'd have REAL friends! 

We were at a car dealership today (more on that tomorrow) and Maddie was singing her ABC's while looking through a book when I was talking on the phone with Eric.  I could hear the two guys at the dealership commenting on her singing and mentioned she wasn't even two yet (they asked her age earlier).  When I got off the phone with Eric the one guy asked me if Maddie was enrolled in an advanced learning program or a montessori school or something.  I said "no".  Then he asked if I take her to day care and even asked if she does the "Your Baby Can Read" program.  I said, "no.  I stay home with her".  He was impressed :)  I was just beaming having these guys ask me about her!  It's one thing for women to comment on how bright babies are, but for MEN to notice is HUGE!!  :)  They were just so impressed with how much she was talking and how she was so much better behaved than most 2 year olds they have in the dealership.  YAY for Maddie!!!

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