Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mother's Day Out, Take Two

I was hopeful that today would go better since Maddie got the "unknowns" out of the way yesterday.  When she woke up this morning she was saying "my mommy always come back" and seemed in a good mood.  I brought her downstairs for breakfast and she told me "I have good nap at school" and was just talking about all the good things about school yesterday.  I asked her if she wanted to go to school today and without hesitation she told me "no".  I told her today is a school day so we needed to get all her stuff ready for school.  We talked about how Mommy always comes back and she seemed ok.  When we pulled into the parking lot of the church she started crying and saying "I not like this park" (there's a playground in the front of the church) and "I not like this school".  I reminded her how nice her teachers are and that Mommy would come back after naptime.  She stopped crying and rolled her backpack into the school all by herself.  That was the end of the "happy" we headed back the hall toward the classroom she started to cry.  When we walked into the room, the cry turned to a scream.  I knew I was going to have a hard time leaving her today.  I just wanted to stay and hold her!  I did stay longer than I should've today.  I know I'm supposed to say my goodbyes, then head out the door.  But I couldn't today.  I held her and sang to her while she sucked her thumb.  Then I gave her one last hug and told her Mommy had to go.  She started screaming and tensing up her body.  I put her on the floor, hugged her and kissed her and told her I would see her soon and to be a good girl at school and have fun.  Of course I cried...again...her teachers are so sweet!  One picked her up and held her as I left and the other reassured me that it would get better :)

Around 11:30 my cell phone rang and I didn't recognize the number.  I usually don't answer those phone calls, but something made me wonder if it was about Maddie.  I thought they might be calling to tell me she was just having a break down and they couldn't soothe her.  I answered and it was Ms. Kristy (Maddie's teacher).  I immediately asked if Maddie was ok.  She said Maddie stopped crying on the way to chapel (they go at 9:45...first thing after being dropped off) and she seemed to be enjoying herself.  At 11:30 they were at the playground and Maddie was playing and having a much better day.  Again...I cried :)  I was SO RELIEVED to hear that she was having a better day today.  Ms. Kristy said every once in a while Maddie would say "my mommy always come back" then went back to playing.

I couldn't wait to go pick Maddie up this afternoon just because I was so excited to see how she was doing.  When I went to get her, she was just walking around playing in the room, not even holding snuggly.  When she saw me she smiled and came running.  She gave me a big hug and said "I miss you so much Mommy!".  I told her I missed her so much too and she just hugged me so tight :)  She had some tears come to her eyes but she didn't cry!  Then she told me "look this BIG MESS" as we looked around at all the blocks on the floor.  She was proud to show me her backpack and nap mat and told me she had fun at school today.  It was so nice going to pick her up knowing she had a much better day today!

Today her "report card" showed that she was happy today, ate most of her lunch (which I found to NOT be true...she ate 1 cucumber round, 5 mini pretzels and 5 raspberries...didn't touch her sandwich), she didn't nap today!!  This is the first time in Maddie's life that she went all day without a nap.  They said she was very quiet and just rested on her nap mat but she never fell asleep.  Looks like we get to have an early bedtime tonight.  Woo hoo!!

After school I took her to McDonald's to have a hot fudge sundae to celebrate a good day at school.  Then I let her play in the play area for a little while.  She was so much more confident.  She talked to some of the kids that were playing and was just really sweet.  I can already see a boost in her confidence.  Let's pray this continues!!  I'm SO PROUD of my big girl :)  :)  :)

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