Sunday, May 30, 2010

She's Gonna be a Soccer Player!

Baby #2 is proving herself to be the athlete in the family already!  This baby has some serious kicks that make my whole belly move!  I don't remember that with Maddie.  I remember Maddie being a pretty calm baby, my belly would move when she was rolling over (never before 8 months) but never from kicks.  So we'll see just how different they are when she arrives.  I remember Maddie being an extremely strong infant.  At less than a week old, she was lifting her head off of our shoulder trying to look around.  She was able to hold her head up for quite a while...something I didn't expect her to do for at least a month.  Maddie wasn't very physical other than that.  She rolled over at the appropriate times, sat up at the expected age, but it took her until she was 9 1/2 months to crawl.  Then she started walking at 15 months.  However, Maddie has always been ahead of the curve verbally.  She said her first word (dog) around 6 months old.  By 11 months she was trying to repeat everything she heard.  She started speaking in full sentences at 20 months and now, at almost 24 months, she won't stop talking.  She's the smartest child I know (ok, I HAVE to think that because she's mine, but seriously, this kid is smart!) and her imagination is what I would expect of a 3 year old.  Her pediatrician says verbally she's operating at a 3 year old level already.  It's amazing. 

At this point, just based on how much more active baby #2 is, I'm expecting polar opposites.  I'm expecting this baby to meet, or beat, the physical milestones while not talking until she's 2 or older.  This baby is going to challenge me like Maddie never did.  I liked that Maddie was content to hang out in her Exersaucer with me in the kitchen.  This baby probably isn't going to like to be tied down (not literally....) and will want to explore at all times.  She's going to be the one trying to get into all the cabinets, climbing on top of the kitchen table, pushing all the limits.  She'll probably skip crawling all together and start walking by 9 months...just to drive me crazy!  :)

No matter how this baby turns out, I do know she's going to be loved unconditionally by all of us. She'll have even more love than Maddie had because she'll have the luxury of having a big sister love her too!  We're just about 3 months from this new angel joining our family and we're getting more and more excited to meet her every day.  Maddie talks about her baby sister quite a bit.  Today she was coloring and pointed at some of her scribbles and said "like Mommy baby".  The baby is in her mind as much as she's in mine!  I can't wait to share this experience with Maddie!

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