Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a few Maddie-isms

1.  We have a globe upstairs and the other day I was showing Maddie where we live in Houston and then made a line across the ocean and showed her where Daddy works in Nigeria.  Then she gave the globe another spin, put her finger down on it and said "And here's Walmart".

2.  Maddie has a little ball that has ABC 123 on it and she always calls it her ABC ball.  Yesterday she told asked me for her ABC ball and when I gave it to her she said "It's Maddie's ABCDEFG ball".

3.  The other morning Maddie was in the bathroom with me while I was doing my hair and she started pushing the buttons on our scale and said "I sending email.  I sending email Grandma".  Did you get it, Grandma?  :)

4.  Maddie absolutely LOVES the library!  I started taking her to infant story time when she was around 4 months seemed too early at the time, but I was desperate for some adult interaction for me!  I'm so glad I started taking her at such a young age.  Now she asks to go to the library and we can go in and look at all the books, sit down and read a few and pick out some to bring home with us.  Saturday we brought home 7 books!  When we were pulling into the parking lot she started clapping, squealing and saying "Yay!  Library!!"  I'm glad we have this free activity that she gets just as excited over as going to SeaWorld (not so free...)

5.   Tonight before bed Maddie came running up to me and said "My boo boos all gone, Mommy.  Thank you, Jesus.".  Such a sweetheart.  We had prayed for Jesus to make her boo boos all better and when she realized they were really gone she thanked Him.  What a good girl I have :)

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