Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 Weeks!'s been two weeks since my last post and that was only a Wordless Wednesday :)  Yes, we announced we are having another little girl join our family in September!  Woo hoo!!  We're beyond happy to be having a little sister for Maddie but extremely frustrated with how hard it is to come to an agreement on a name for this one.  I'd love to start her a blog of her very own but can't do that until she has a name :)  Oh, and we don't plan on sharing the name with anyone until she's born anyway (sorry Grandmas and Grandpas!) so it looks like we'll have a new blog beginning in September. 
Tomorrow I'll be 24 weeks pregnant and I FINALLY got a picture of me with this pregnancy :)  I feel like I look as big at 24 weeks with this pregnancy as I did at 40 weeks with Maddie...maybe it's just the cookies and other sweets I've been letting myself indulge in.  15 more weeks to enjoy it so I'm not stopping now!  :)

Here's me today (with a new haircut too!)

What else happened in the past two weeks? 
We had a visit with Daddy
We had a visit with Uncle Guy
We flew a kite (first time for Maddie to see a kite in action)
We returned the kite...  :)
We went swimming in the big pool for the first time this summer
We had our first Mother's Day with all three of us at home
We made a ton of money selling things we no longer need (this is money to use for the new nursery and Maddie's "big sister" room when she moves into it)
We had gutters installed on the back of our house (not standard practice down here in Houston)
We had a new back door installed
We had our security system activated (thank God our house was prewired when it was built by a local company so it saved us a TON of money!)
uhhhh.....what else?...Maddie was just generally sweet and did a pretty good job of making Daddy feel guilty for being gone so much.  :) Good girl, Maddie!!  Keep it up :)

Some of Maddie's quotes for making Daddy feel guilty..."Maddie so happy Daddy home"  "Murphy (the dog) so happy Daddy home"  "Daddy go airport TOO much".  There were probably more things she said but these were my favorites.  She kept saying she was so happy for Daddy to be home the first two or three days he was here.  It was so sweet that she realized having Daddy home gave her a happy feeling.  Neither of us told her to say anything like that, she was just saying what she felt.  She's just the sweetest little girl.

Well, I'll try to get back to my usual blogging a few days a week now that we'll be getting back to our "normal" routine again.  Oh, and check out my food blog at .  I'm going to post about my 2 nights of dinner for less than $10!!!!  I'm working on getting thrifty (er)...


  1. You look great! We have yet to pick a name as well. It seems so much harder the second time around, no? And just like you, we keep the name we decide under wraps until the kiddo is born, just to make sure the name will fit what she looks like :) Enjoy the sweets, I know I have!

  2. It's SO MUCH harder the second time. I'm sure it would've been easier to name a boy...we already used our favorite girl name so now it's hard to come up with another one that fits well with Madeline. At least we have time :)

  3. I LOVE your hair!!!!! Can't wait to read more of your cooking blog!