Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hey There!

I've been so horrible about updating this old blog...I think about it often but just never take the time to write anything out.  Actually, that's a lie.  I have two drafts that I never published.  One from December and one in June.  ha!

Life has been going by so fast.  Some days I feel like I barely have time to breath.  Other days I have all the time in the world and can't seem to peel myself off the couch.  I think the every day, mundane tasks of being a stay at home mom and housewife have been bringing me down more and more.  We got to get away for about 10 days to take a trip to Tennessee and I thought that might help bring me out of my "funk".  I felt excited about returning home...then we got home.  I'm trying to get back into a good routine but I just feel like I don't want to be here.  Blah! 

So in an attempt to snap out of it, I'm getting out of the house and will take the girls to the pool today for a while.  Hopefully a good dose of Vitamin D will help!

I'll leave you for now with a few pictures of my beautiful girls.  It's been FOREVER since I've shared any photos of them!

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