Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Boo Boo and a Trip to the ER

Well, it finally happened...our first trip to the ER.  We had such a gorgeous day yesterday so Eric wanted to take Maddie to the park for the afternoon.  We were planning to go to our neighbor's house for dinner so I needed to make some hummus and veggie dip for that but needed to get groceries.  After the grocery store I dropped Eric and Maddie off at the park then headed home to make my yummies and was going to meet up with them after I was finished.  Well, I had just gotten home and only started to prepare a few things (like juiced the lemons and rinsed the garbanzo beans) when my cell phone rang.  It was Eric.  He sounded pretty upset and asked if I could come pick them up because he thought he hurt Maddie's foot.  So I jumped in the car and headed out.  Thank God the park is only about a quarter mile from our house!  I got there and Maddie was still pretty upset. She didn't want to get in her carseat.  But I managed to get her in and took her shoes and socks off to see if there was any swelling.  There was just a little, but no bruising so I didn't know what to think.  Eric explained what happened on the way back to our house.  He took Maddie to the top of the curly slide but she didn't want to go down it by herself (like she's done before).  So Eric sat down, put Maddie on his lap and they headed down the slide.  The slide is so narrow (it's at the playground to an elementary school...) that Maddie's foot got caught between Eric's leg and the slide.  It twisted around funny and Maddie apparently let out a scream that instantly let Eric know something was wrong. 

So, we went to a local emergency clinic but they told us we had to go to the ER because of Maddie's age.  YAY!  I thought we were going to be gone for HOURS as soon as they told us that.  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I imagined the place swarming with people who had "nice weather" accidents.  Luckily it wasn't very busy at all.  Unfortunately she didn't like when ANYONE looked at her, or especially when they touched her.  It made for a stressful experience for Mommy and well as Maddie.  She had to have x-rays and that about killed ME!  I couldn't go in the room since I'm pregnant so I had to stand outside the room listening to her screaming bloody murder.  It's one thing to be able to listen to her screaming and crying when I feel like I'm somewhat in control...but to be on the outside of the room and not being able to do anything was horrible!  Eric said despite what I heard she actually did very well.  There was only one time she moved and they had to retake the picture.

The result was there was no fracture (thank God!) but it's sprained.  So we don't know how long it's going to be until she'll be able to walk again.  She WANTS to walk, but it's just too painful for her to put her weight on it.  We watched an episode of Go Diego Go the other day and they were crawling around like leatherback sea turtles.  So I reminded Maddie of crawling like a turtle and she's gotten around like that a little.  But then she seems to be impatient with how slow crawling is and tries to stand up and then remembers she has a boo boo.  :(  I hate seeing my baby in pain!

For now she's passed out on the couch so hopefully she's getting some much needed rest and will be a little happier when she wakes up later.

I'll keep you posted on her progress!
Oh, and yesterday we switched her to her big sister bed!!  That was going to be the blog post for today but then the ankle happened...  :)


  1. PS. I hope Maddie feels better. I dread the day we have to go to the emergency room. I know it hurts you to see your baby in pain.

  2. What a small world! With my husband being from Pittsburgh and your husband being from K-town (Farragut.) Village Green was not far from my neighborhood at all!