Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prenatal Appt #1

Well, my doctor's office called and got me in sooner for my first appointment!  I was pretty excited because I was so anxious to see the little baby growing inside me, but I was disappointed that the appointment took 2 HOURS!  Grrrr.  I had Maddie with me so thank God she was a trooper!

The results of the appointment were good.  The baby has a perfect little heartbeat inside it's little .6 inch body.  Isn't that just amazing that something the size of a raspberry can have its own little beating heart?!?!  It was so cool to see.  Other than that they didn't do much at the appointment.  I'm measuring right at 8 weeks, 5 days and baby is measuring at 7 weeks, 6 days.  I thought that was interesting :)

In other pregnancy news...the aversions have been getting stronger and stronger by the day.  Yesterday I crossed chicken patties off of my list of foods I could eat.  Then fish sticks (although I think maybe it was more the tartar sauce than the fish itself).  Today I crossed off spaghettio's and scrambled eggs.  That leaves me with blueberries, almonds and CRACKERS.  BLAH.  I'm drinking some ginger ale but that's not even settling well.  I mostly have to stick with water or fruit juice.  I've discovered a love for Ocean Spray's cranberry and concord grape juice.  YUMMY!  It settles my stomach pretty well but I have to be careful I don't drink the whole bottle in a day!  It seems my "morning" sickness is more "afternoon/evening" sickness. Yesterday it hit me while I was watching the Biggest Loser.  Today it hit me right after lunch.  I'm feeling ok right now so hopefully I'll be able to get the house straightened up before bed...oh yeah :)  Because I have a cleaning lady coming tomorrow!!!  I can't wait for her to come but I just hope I can stay out of the house for 6 hours without getting sick and needing to come home...

In Maddie news...this little snot is really pushing the limits.  She's testing me to see if I'll follow through on my "threats".  As hard as it is to get up off the couch sometimes I still make sure I'm consistent with her.  She had two time outs yesterday and three today.  I'm not making her pick up her toys so much these days just because I don't have the energy for it.  We pick them up once every couple of days or I just get overwhelmed with too many toys.  Most days she doesn't make a HUGE mess, but when I let that go for 3 days it looks like a disaster area!

Maddie hasn't had any food aversions with me :)  Unfortunately I still have to prepare meals for her.  She had spaghettio's for the first time today and LOVED them!  She still likes the fish sticks and tartar sauce and mac & cheese (another one I had to cross off my list yesterday).  She has been asking for scrambled eggs and waffles so sometimes she'll have that for lunch or dinner.  It's easy for me to make and doesn't require a lot of clean up!  For breakfast we've been sticking with a banana and cereal because I can't get into meal preparation that early :)

Well, I guess that's it for now.  It's time for me to get Maddie up to bed now.  Wish us luck :)


  1. Hi,
    Just a lurker at your blog. Your little girl is so cute. Congrats on the pregnancy! Take care.


  2. Yay! A lurker :) Thanks...we're super proud of our baby girl and so excited to have another little one!!