Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick Takes

Once again, I have random thoughts floating around in my head to share with you all. 

1.  My first appt with the OB/GYN is one week from tomorrow!  I'm so anxious to make sure everything's ok.  I know I'm pregnant as I have several symptoms that are letting me know there's a new life growing inside me but it's just going to be nice to have confirmation and maybe see a little heartbeat on the ultrasound!

2.  I called two women to get estimates on cleaning my house.  Yes, I'm caving.  Yes, it makes me feel like I'm not capable of doing my "job".  To be honest, most days I don't even have the energy to just clean up the playroom after Maddie goes to bed.  I just want to crawl into bed as soon as she's down.  Unfortunately that can't happen.  And since I don't have much energy, it takes me a good 2 hours to do the straightening up/cleaning that should only take about 30-45 minutes.

3.  Maddie is getting cuter and cuter every day.  I took her to the chiropractor with me again this morning and didn't even put her in her stroller.  She's comfortable there now.  She smiles at people istead of screaming.  She plays very nicely with her toys and crayons and I actually get to close my eyes and relax while I'm getting my heat therapy. 

4.  Maddie has started singing!  Her favorite songs to sing include:  ABC's, E-I-E-I-O, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, 3 Little Monkeys, and several from Yo Gabba Gabba.  I can tell what song she's singing when she's singing any of these.  There are some other tunes she's been trying but I haven't figured them out yet :)

5.  Maddie has started "reading".  She has several favorite books that we've read over and over and OVER AND OVER again.  She now has parts of them memorized so it's cute to hear her reciting parts of the book as she looks through it.  Those books include The Foot Book, Daddy's Girl, Who is Coming to our House, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Polar Bear and Crunch Munch. 

6.  Maddie's bed time issues are fading....ahhh, sweet relief.  She still stands up when I leave the room but she's not screaming anymore, just cries for about 30 seconds.  I guess that perseverance is paying off!  I had a nice chat with my sister-in-law the other day (thanks Jennifer!!) that helped me make some decisions on what to try.  I started giving Maddie her lunch earlier so she goes down for her nap by noon (most days) and she gets up by 3.  Then I've pushed her bedtime back by an hour :(  It's working for her, but it's making me more tired (see #2).  I also think one of Maddie's issues was hearing a train go by.  We were up in her room this evening and she kept hearing the train (it's several miles away but she still points out the "choo choo" sound when she hears it).  She has a fear of things she can hear but not see.  I need to start paying attention to see if a train goes by around 7, the time I used to put her to bed.  We'll see if that was one of her problems...

7.  I think that's it!  My brain is empty now...  :)

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