Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

It seems like it's been FOREVER since Maddie and I last went to the zoo.  She was beyond excited to go this morning!  And I'm so glad I took her...she was so full of herself, enjoying every minute at the zoo.  She's such a big girl now and I let her walk as much as she wanted, even at the end of the day as she was stumbling from being so tired, she kept on walking!  I did put her in the stroller to eat her lunch ( I LOVE that our zoo lets us bring in any outside food and drinks we want!) and a few times when we had a longer distance to walk.  Other than that she walked and was so proud of herself for it!  Some of the things Maddie enjoyed today:  her first Sea Lion show (she LOVED when they jumped out of the water!), seeing the baby giraffes (we have 3 that are 2 years old or younger), watching the elephant rub against its scratching post (especially when he was scratching his butt...that got the biggest laughs!), chasing after random birds at the zoo, seeing the helicopters fly overhead (the largest medical center in Texas is right by the zoo so the life flight helicopters were coming and going all day), telling the lions to "wake up", watching the flamingo take a bath (with soap...according to Maddie), riding the carousel (Maddie cried and said "up down up down" when it stopped), playing at the children's zoo playground (she pretended to be Dora as she crossed the bridge), petting the goats and brushing them and even trying to pick up "rocks"...it wasn't rocks!  She also really enjoyed the interactive things at the zoo today.  She liked pushing the animal sounds buttons at the children's zoo barn and turning all the animal fact boards to see the pictures and the "M"s...all letters are "M" these days.  Here are some pictures from our day!
Maddie enjoying her picnic lunch

A fun action shot

Kind of striking a pose, kind of trying to avoid having her picture taken again...

Such a happy girl!

Taking a water break

Learning all about the zebras

And learning some more...

...and more

Looting some snacks out of the stroller

Checking out the zebras...she wasn't all that into them today

But she was LOVING the flamingoes!

And she passed out within 5 minutes of being in the car :)

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