Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Maddie-isms

Right now Maddie is "dribbling" a ball around the house.  I guess she's destined to be a soccer player...she is running behind the ball and kicking it just lightly enough to get it to move, but not so hard she loses control of it.  She's running along saying "running" "running".  It's so cute!

The other night while I was cleaning out the litter box Maddie was peaking through the door saying "sand castle" as I scooped the poo.  See...there's a reason she's NOT allowed in the laundry room!  I can just picture going in there to put some laundry in and finding Maddie building a sand castle in the litter box...

On Tuesday we went to the zoo (as you may have read here).  I had given Maddie some fig newtons and when she finished eating them I said "here, let me clean your face, you have cookies all over it".  She replied with "I sorry" in the sweetest voice.  I think she's trying to figure out when "I'm sorry" is necessary because she's been saying for a lot lately.  It's so sweet that she's learning to be polite :)

Maddie has been becoming more and more aware of the dark lately.  I don't know if she's developing a fear of the dark, or if she just notices that it's dark.  If we happen to be out driving after dark (which isn't often) she will continue saying "dark" until I acknowledge that it is, indeed, dark outside.  I point out the lights from the airplanes and she thinks that's makes me wonder if we ever go somewhere where you can actually see the stars at night if she'll think it's just a bunch of airplanes heading to the airport for landing...

Maddie is getting so good at singing her ABC's.  I keep trying to get her on video singing along with her the CD, but as soon as she sees either the video camera or my cell phone she wants to see "Maddie".  I REALLY hope I can get it on video soon!!  It's just so adorable.

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