Thursday, January 14, 2010

If the Shoe Fits (or not)

Maddie's latest obsession is wearing my shoes.  This actually started when I was back in PA visiting my grandparents during Thanksgiving.  Maddie put on Pap Pa's shoes

(I have no idea if this link will work...sorry if it doesn't!)

Then Maddie started wearing my shoes if I happened to leave them out around the house.   And to be honest, I leave my shoes out a lot...just ask Eric! 

These crocs are pretty tricky but somehow she manages...barely :)

Now she has progressed to bringing my shoes out of the closet to wear.  Shoes that I haven't worn in FOREVER have been spotted in random places throughout the house.  What a mess!  Every couple of days I go around with my laundry basket and hoard all the shoes back to the closet.  Now I'm trying VERY hard to keep the closet door closed!  She might need a few pairs of dress up shoes for her birthday this year...although I'm a little concerned with the hard plastic ones, she'll probably slip and slide all over the tile floors in those...

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