Friday, January 22, 2010

Any Advice?

Let me start this blog off with a few super cute things Maddie has done lately...

First, I'll tell you the story of "condensation".  One morning (I think last Thursday) Maddie looked out the window and saw that the patio was wet.  She said "raining?"  I told her, "No, sweetie, it's not raining, that's just condensation".  As soon as it came out, I realized that that was much too big of a word for a 19 month old...I should've just agreed that it was raining :)  Well, she repeated "condensation".  I was amazed!  I had her repeat it 2 or 3 more times to see if it was just a fluke or if she could really say it...she could really say it! 

The next couple of days it was raining so Maddie got to wear her super cute little rain coat.  She loves her rain coat and wants to wear it everywhere now :)  It rained for 2 days, then the third day I told her to come get her jacket it on.  She said "rain coat?"  I told her, "No, you don't need your rain coat, it's not raining".  She replied with "condensation", very matter-of-fact like.  It was so cute, I just picked her up and snuggled her and laughed!  What a smarty pants...

Within the past two days Maddie has decided it would be a good idea to carry the cat.  The cat doesn't think that's such a good idea, nor do I.  So when I tell Maddie not to pick Audrey up, she replies with "I sorry Audrey".  Then she pats her on the head and says "good girl".  Maddie also likes to point out when Audrey is purring (which is almost always) then she puts her hand on Audrey's neck so she can feel the vibration.  She laughs and thinks it's the coolest thing!

The newest, coolest big girl thing is that she's trying to walk on her tippy toes.  I caught her doing it a few days ago but she was saying "knees, knees, knees" and I told her, "you're walking on your tippy toes". She was not happy that I saw her doing it and had a fit...I left it alone.  Today she was walking on her toes again but she wanted me to notice.  I made a big deal out of what a big, strong girl she is and she was extremely happy :) 

Now...what I need advice on.  For the past week or so Maddie has been SCREAMING at the top of her lungs when I put her to bed.  Our routine hasn't changed; well, it changed when she was teething a few weeks ago, I went in to comfort her and to give her motrin or orajel.  Since then I haven't done anything differently.  We go up, have a bath, brush teeth, get a diaper, lotion, pjs, clean ears, read a book, talk about our day and what to expect tomorrow, rock in the chair and sing a few songs, then we say goodnight to the world, close the blinds, say goodnight to the sandcastle, the seashell and the crab and we turn off the light.  We give hugs and kisses and I put her to bed.  I cover her up with her blanket and tell her "have sweet dreams, love bug, I love you, Mommy will see you in the morning".  Then I walk out and close the door (we've always closed the door since she was an infant since we have a cat).  Lately as soon as I put her blanket on her she starts to get up from her pillow to stand up.  I tell her to lay down on her pillow to go night nights but she just screams.  I tell her I love her again and blow her a kiss from the door.  When I close the door she starts screaming "mommy, mommy, hold you, hold you".  When I get to the bottom of the stairs I turn the light off which makes her scream harder.  It only lasts for about 5 minutes, usually less, but I hate that she's screaming like that.  Seriously, I'm afraid someone will walk by and think I'm abusing her!  I've taken out the trash after putting her to bed and you can hear her outside...

Here are my concerns:  Is it possible that she's suddenly developed a fear?  Is she afraid she won't see me again?  Is she afraid of the dark?  I don't want to just ignore her when there's obviously something wrong, but I don't want to become a "hostage" to her, rocking her every night or sleeping with her.  Has anyone had this happen with their child?  If so, what did you do?  Please don't tell me you slept with your child...I can't do that one :)  I just feel terrible that she's going through this and I don't know what to do.  I know she feels safe in her crib because she reads in there and plays in there.  She doesn't wake up acting afraid in the mornings or after naps, it's just when I put her down.  At naptime she cries a little, but it's nothing like she does at bedtime.  Could it just be her age and a stage she's going through?  Is she having too much fun to go to bed?'s driving me crazy! 

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  1. Oh man, I wish I could help but we are not there yet! Good luck. I hope it gets better soon!