Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year of "Firsts"

Last night as I was putting Maddie to bed I was talking to her about how great 2009 was for me being her mommy.  Then I started telling her about all the things she had to look forward to in 2010.  It was so exciting to think ahead to the future...

Maddie will turn 2 half way through this year.  It's hard to think I'll have a 2 1/2 year old as we get ready to ring in 2011.  wow!  This year we're looking forward to another visit from Uncle Guy, we're looking forward to a trip (HOPEFULLY) to Disney World (a first for both Maddie and me!), we're looking forward to more trips to the park where Maddie will be able to be more independent and Mommy can sit back and watch her play :)  We're looking forward to lots more trips to the zoo and many long days at the pool.  We're looking forward to traveling to visit family again...and Maddie being in her very own seat on the airplane!  YAY for Mommy!  2010 might be the year Maddie starts "school" (mother's day out) and maybe, JUST maybe Maddie will become a big sister (don't hold us to that...)  :)  2010 will be the year that Maddie starts talking in complete sentences.   It might be the year we say goodbye to diapers!  This will be a year full of fun for Maddie and Mommy.  We got some really cool toddler art books for Christmas and I'm so excited to start some activities from them!  I just want to watch her imagination continue to blossom.  

At the end of 2009 here are some of Maddie's "favorites".  My plan is to compare this list at the end of 2010 :)  Should be fun...

Favorite TV shows:  Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora the Explorer
Favorite Movie:  Monsters, Inc
Favorite Foods:  Cheese and bananas (and cookies and candy if we let her...)
Favorite bedtime book:  Just in Case you Ever Wonder by Max Lucado.  Her favorite book changes pretty regularly, this is the CURRENT favorite :)
Favorite toys to play with:  Her Fisher Price tea set and her stuffed dogs, her Yo Gabba Gabba gang bathtub toys.  Since Christmas her new favorites are her kitchen and all the food that she got to go with that. 
Favorite non-toy activity:  coloring...whether it's crayons or sidewalk chalk
Favorite song:  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Favorite cereal:  Froot Loops
Favorite "guilty pleasure":  Drinking coffee with mom and dad :)
Favorite place to go outside of our house:  Library storytime
Favorite person/people to see outside of family:  Miss Alli and Jonathan

That's all I can think of for now :)

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  1. Oh my goodness!! And Maddie will graduate to a big girl bed in 2010 :) Maybe even her big girl room! I can't wait!