Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 7

Today begins week 7 of pregnancy #2.  I've been amazed that I've mostly escaped morning sickness so far. Yesterday I had one of those "nothing sounds appetizing" days.  I didn't know what to eat and anything I thought of kind of gave me a gag reflex.  I managed to force down a banana for breakfast.  For lunch I just wanted a burger so we stopped at Jack in the Box.  It was pretty yummy but I should've avoided the curly fries!  For dinner I had a hot dog and some sour cream and onion chips (my only craving so far).  I drank lots of water and then decided to make some homemade chicken broth.  I had thawed out some chicken thighs and legs but hadn't gotten around to cooking them yet and I didn't want them to go bad.  Well, I put the chicken, some veggies, water and seasonings in the crockpot and turned it on.  I went to bed early (even missing the news at night which I normally like to stay up for).  When I woke up through the night to use the bathroom (thanks again to pregnancy...I used to NEVER wake up through the night!) the chicken broth was smelling good and I couldn't wait to taste it in the morning to see how it turned out.  Then I woke up around 7...the smell of the chicken broth was not so good at that point.  I ate a few crackers so my stomach wouldn't be empty then I just stayed in bed for a while.  When I got up I had to go running to find some gum.  I found some good pepperminty gum that is strong enough to block out the chicken smell :)  So now I'm just waiting for the crockpot to cool down a little so I can stick it in the fridge (that'll smell nice...).  I still want to freeze the broth to use in recipes but I don't think I'll manage to eat the chicken.  I guess I can go ahead and shred it off the bones (if my stomach will allow) and put it in the freezer too.  Hopefully I'll be able to eat chicken later in pregnancy, but I think it's off limits now.  I even had an aversion to chicken when I was pregnant with Maddie.  I wonder what that's all about...

In happier news...did you know by the beginning of week 7 that baby already has its own distinct blood type?!?!  All the major muscles are already developed, arm and leg buds are developing but you can't differentiate fingers and toes yet and facial features are becoming visible.  The baby is about the size of a raspberry this week :)  Aww...what a little sweetie!

We're still going through all the emotions of a second pregnancy...happy to be giving Maddie a baby brother or sister, scared of taking care of a toddler and an infant at the same time, worried financially and just generally afraid of the unknown.  I know everything will work out, God won't give me more than I can handle...but I guess it's normal to worry about all these things right now.  We've started talking baby names already and I'm pretty excited about that.  I'm not sure if we're going to share the name as early this time as we did last time...we've got to keep you guessing!  :)  We welcome your suggestions, though!

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