Sunday, March 21, 2010

Smarta Smarta!

Today I let Maddie color with markers for the first time.  She seemed to really enjoy herself...and tomorrow I'll be buying WASHABLE markers so she can enjoy them again :)  Anyway, I put a piece of paper up on the fridge with magnets like an easel so she could color there (when she was sitting she was getting markers all over her shirt).  I went about making dinner and the next thing I know Maddie says, "M.  I make a M".  I started to praise her for doing a good job when I looked at saw THIS...
She was really making M's!!  I am just so proud of my baby girl!  She also drew a cat (it looked nothing like a cat, but I applauded her imagination!)

Another thing I'm super proud of her for...every night before her bath I sit her on the potty and tell her to pee before she gets in the bathtub.  Three bath nights in a row she's done it!!  We're still not working on actual potty training, it's much too early to be successful, but we're taking baby steps :)  She's getting comfortable sitting on the potty and I'm so proud of her!

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  1. That's awesome! So amazing. Emma wrote the letter "P" last night. Zach and I couldn't believe it. It's amazing the things they learn when you're not looking! :)