Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Few Updates

I'm going to give you a few bullet-style updates while I watch the Steelers beat the Jets :)  Sorry, I can't really concentrate to form full thoughts to blog while I'm watching this's just SO GOOD!

  • Cloth diapering is interesting.  We've had several leaky diapers but several that haven't leaked as well.  We'll get used to it with time...
  • Maddie continues asking for Daddy every day.  She asks if Daddy is coming home when she wakes up from her nap, she says, "if Daddy comes in the garage door, I will say, 'hi Daddy'".  She took her daddy doll (thanks Aunt Sarah!) to school on Friday and had a MUCH better day.
  • Maddie deliberately peed on the couch. She knew she had to pee, but didn't feel like going to the bathroom so she told me she peed on the couch.  Nice.
  • Sadie is officially in size 6 month clothing.  Her cloth diapers are a lot bulkier than disposable diapers so she'll probably be in 9 month by the time she's 7 months old!
  • Ewww...I just saw a commercial for "Survivor:  Redemption Island".  I LOVE Survivor but I might have to skip next season with Boston Rob and Houston Russell.  Yuck.
  • Sorry for getting sidetracked...
  • Sadie is starting to laugh a lot more.  She laughs at me when I'm being silly now.  I love it :)  She's just so sweet and precious, I can't get enough of her!
  • The past two days Sadie has taken only two nice, long naps.  She had been napping 3-4 times a day only 45 minutes to an hour and a half at a time.  But yesterday and today she had two naps each day that were over 2 hours each!  I think her heiny likes the cloth diapers :)
  • Weight Watchers continues to go well.  I lost 3 pounds last week so I got my 5 pound star this week!!  It's the little things...and if you know me, you know I like my stickers!  My total weight loss so far is 5.8 pounds. Go me!
Thanks for bearing with me while I watch the game and blog simultaneously :)  GO STEELERS!!  (it should be interesting to see my Steelers in the Super Bowl with Eric's Packers.  Too bad Eric won't be home for the Super Bowl)

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