Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Ramblings

I've got a lot going on in my head (as usual) and I don't really know how to form it into a sensible blog post so I'm going to do random thoughts as they come to me :)

1.  I started back to Weight Watchers last week.  I told myself before Sadie was born that I would allow myself the remainder of 2010 to eat whatever I wanted, as much as I wanted but as soon as Sadie turned 4 months old I would get back on track and lose whatever remaining baby weight I had to lose.  I didn't want to start "dieting" too soon after she was born because I wanted to make sure my milk supply was well established.  And I honestly thought that the breastfeeding would help me burn enough calories that I wouldn't have any problem losing the baby weight.  Well...I was W.R.O.N.G.  I lost 24 pounds of the 40 I had gained, then I gained back 5 of those pounds during the holidays.  :(  I still have 21 pounds to go.  Although I feel like I can't call all that "baby weight" now!  When Maddie was born I lost all 30 pregnancy pounds in just 2 weeks.  It was so easy.  I didn't watch what I ate, I just ate when I felt hungry and had no problems losing the weight.  I guess being 31 instead of 29 really affected me :(  Anyway...back to Weight Watchers.  I'm proud to announce that I lost 2.8 pounds this week!  YAY!  I'm hoping to be able to lose about 2 pounds per week but if my milk supply starts to decrease then I'll have to lose weight at a slower rate.  1 pound per week is recommended for breastfeeding mothers.  Blah...

2.  I'm going to take the rest of January to get more established in my meal planning/weight loss efforts.  I'm hoping I feel more confident as far as knowing what I can eat and what recipes I can safely cook to maintain a healthy lifestyle by the end of January.  Of course, this will be ongoing, I just hope I'm not feeling so anxious about food and feeling self conscious about food decisions in 2 more weeks.  Then in February I want to start the Couch to 5K program.  I downloaded the app for my iPhone back in November thinking I was ready to start jogging then.  Well, c-section bellies aren't fun to run I wanted to lose a little more of the belly before I started running.  I should be good to go (honk...sorry, inside joke) in February.  I'll allow myself to get established in my running program in February and then March 2nd (when Sadie turns 6 months old and the child care at the gym will keep her) I'll be gym-bound.  BLAH.  I'm not looking forward to getting back to the gym, but yet I am.  Eric will be home then so I'll just go without taking Sadie to the gym with me while he's home.  In fact...I could probably start sooner than March 2nd since I could leave Sadie home with Eric! So, anyway, that's my "get healthy in 2011" plan.

3.  I'm tired.  I'm always tired.  As I sit here trying to collect my thoughts all I can think of is how tired I am and I should go to bed right now...

4.  Sadie's laughing now!  She's got a super cute little throaty laugh with an occasional squeak in between.  It's adorable!  But she's only in a laughing mood about once per day, usually in mid-late afternoon.  I love to catch her in that mood and get my daily dose of baby giggles!

5.  Maddie's potty trained!!  Her teachers at school aren't even putting her in a diaper at naptime anymore and she's staying dry :)  YAY for my big girl!!

6.  Eric's job.  That's about all I can say about's on my mind a lot lately.

And now I'll end with some conversations with a 2-year old:

Tonight I thought I'd test her with story-telling :)  It went like this:
Me:  Once upon a time there was a boy named...
Maddie:  Pooka
Me:  And one day Pooka went to....
Maddie:  a castle
Me:  When Pooka got to the castle he saw a.....
Maddie:  crab
Me:  And when Pooka saw that crab at the castle he said....
Maddie:  Kacki week
???  Not sure what "kacki week" means :)  She's just really into making up words lately.

Maddie likes to come up with rhyming words.  Here are two of my favorites that she said the other night:


Maddie:  Knock knock
Me:  Who's there?
Maddie:  Maddie
Me:  Maddie who?
Maddie:  Maddie cow.  mooooo
(NO idea where she learned knock knock jokes!!)

Maddie calls binoculars "nobulars".  I think it's so cute!  Most things she says correctly so when she says something the way you'd expect a 2 year old to say it, it's cute :)

"A one man band, Mommy!  Just like a band aid."

"When it gets close to another Christmas I will have new Christmas songs in my life."

"I'm Santa Claus...(walks around the room)...I'm a sucking Santa. (grabs her snuggly and starts sucking her thumb).

"Look!" as she holds her hand up to me, "I have a big Santa "claw".  I have TWO, that's why I called Santa "Claws".

Do I have the sweetest/cutest baby big girl in the world or what?!?! 

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  1. Maddie seems like such a hoot!!

    Also, I downloaded a free App for my phone called calorie counter. I LOVE IT. It has the calories from most restaurant items and several other things. I have already changed the way I eat. I will think ok if I eat fries that is almost 500 calories but if I get the fruit instead just 70. Just seeing the numbers makes a difference! I think you are doing awesome. It took me a whole year to lose my baby weight!