Monday, December 5, 2011

3 1/2 years old

Maddie is exactly 3 years and 6 months old today.  After today she's closer to 4 than to 3.  Oh goodness!!  It's been a while since I've posted a "Maddie-isms" post so I thought I'd do a small collection of those for you :)

Maddie continually impresses us with her use of language.  She just seems so much smarter than the "average" 3 year old.  When I was pregnant with her, I used to sit and imagine how life would be when she was an infant, a toddler, a preschooler, etc.  I can tell you, she has FAR exceeded any expectations I had!  I didn't think I would have actual conversations with her until she started Kindergarten (if that soon!).  We talk about all sorts of things.  And it's not just, "Mommy, tell me about princesses" or things like that.  She asks me questions!  She wants to know the things I like, she wants to know about me when I was a little girl.  She wants to know about herself when she was a baby.  Her little mind just works in amazing ways.  We have a back-and-forth conversation about things on a regular basis.  I'm pretty sure she would rather sit and talk to me than to go play with friends.  She's amazing! 

Another thing I expected for quite sometime is the improper use of words.  Most kids take a while to learn the proper tense.  They say a lot of things like "sneaked, growed," (I can't think of any more examples right now).  Maddie told me, "When I go to see Santa he's going to tell me, 'My, how you've grown'".  Some mornings when she wakes up she tells me, "Mommy, I grew last night when I was sleeping!".  She blows my mind.  And one day I took a Skittle out of her little bag and fed it to Sadie.  She asked me what Sadie was eating.  When I told her it was one of her Skittles she said, "You snuck one from me?".  SNUCK?!?!  How did she learn that word??  Amazing!

Some other phrases she's been shocking us with:

"At that point".  As in, "I will stop sucking my thumb when I'm 4 because at that point I'll be too big"
"Matter of fact".  Yesterday we told her to put a music box back at the store because we weren't going to buy it.  She put it down and said, "Maybe we can get it next time we come.  Matter of fact, somebody else might buy it. But I REALLY want it!"
"Oh my gosh".  Not 100% happy with this one...but it's kind of cute. 

Some other quotes:

"I was about to say, 'Let's skip brushing teeth tonight," but then I remembered we had sugar.  I don't want to get any cavities."

Me: "Maddie, what are you going to play today?"
Maddie: "Snakes"
Me: "How will you play snakes?"
Maddie: "Well, I'll just slizzer around on the floor."

Maddie: "Mommy, you know I burned my thumb on the toaster?"
Me: "Yeah, that was a while ago. Is it still hurting?"
Maddie: *sad look* "Yeah, it's hurting morning, noon, and night."

Maddie: "Knock, knock"
Me: "Who's there?"
Maddie: "Banana"
Me: "Banana who?"
Maddie: "Banana you glad I didn't say orange?"

Maddie:  "Mommy, when I was in your belly, what did I eat?"
Me:  "You ate whatever I ate.  When you were in my belly you had an umbilical cord that was like a straw from my belly straight to yours.  So that's how you ate anything I ate."
Maddie:  "Well, you should've ate a plate so I could put my food on it."

That should do it for now...Happy Half-Birthday, my sweet girl!!

Here's a picture of my sweet girl today...all ready to head off to school :)

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