Friday, December 2, 2011

A Revival!

After taking 6 months off, I thought I'd bring the ol' blog back.  I'm not sure if anyone is still checking in, but that's ok.  If I don't know anyone is reading, I won't feel like I have to "filter" what I write.  I can be myself and not feel like I have to say certain things to "impress" or to avoid offending people.  :) 

My sweet Sadie turned 15 months old today and I feel terrible that I haven't been documenting her growth...Also I've been horrible about getting pictures out to grandmas so I thought this would be a good way for them to see the pictures.  I haven't been posting as many pictures to facebook due to security reasons, and I'm honestly thinking about deleting the facebook account altogether.  I'm a little too addicted.  Seriously.  It's bad.  I need to quit cold turkey!  But I'm just not ready yet... ;)

Anyway, I don't know how frequently I'll be updating the blog but I'll post when I can, more as a document for my girls to look back on than anything else.

Tomorrow we're doing our first Buddy Walk here in Houston.  We have some sweet friends who's 18 month old baby boy was born with Downs Syndrome.  We decided to join their team to walk as part of "Luke's Skywalkers" tomorrow.  I'm super excited and pumped to be a part of such an awesome event!  Please pray for us as we take the girls and don't really know what to expect!

Look forward to pictures of that...

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  1. So glad you are back!! The girls looks so pretty and grown up!