Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh, These Girls of Mine

My girls are crazy!  They're fun, they're silly, they're sweet, they're emotional, they're OPINIONATED!  I'm trying to look at that last one as a good thing...

I'll start with Sadie.  Sadie has the craziest personality ever.  She seems to change her mood depending on the weather.  Some days she'll wake up from her nap asking for Daddy, looking out the window for him and everything and sad when he's not there.  But then when he gets home from work she runs away from him screaming and I have to hold her.  She won't go to him and holds on to me so tightly refusing to let him hold her.  All Daddy has to say is, "Sadie, want to go outside and see if we can find the lizard?".  Then she goes to him, goes outside and all is forgiven.  Silly girl!

Sadie is usually a lot of fun to be around.  She's figuring out the world and figuring out her own sense of humor. She knows when she's doing something silly.  She's recently started making silly faces and laughing at herself, even when she can't see her own face!  She just knows she's being silly and we should be laughing at her.

Along with Sadie's sense of humor comes her temper.  She has a tendency to get a little (or a lot) angry.  Of course it's all over typical toddler stuff...Mommy takes her out of the swing at the park and she has a meltdown.  She drops a toy or snack and she has a meltdown.  She wants to wear a particular pair of shoes and Mommy puts other ones on her (or attempts to put other ones on her) and she has a meltdown.  She wants a particular drink or snack and we bring her something different...she will HIT the unwanted item out of our hands.  Ahhhh...I didn't go through this kind of stuff with Maddie because she was talking in sentences by this age.  Sadie's talking in sentences too, just in her own little language that I can't understand :)

Some things Sadie says:  Teet Teet (bird), boo boo, pee pee (anytime someone goes into the bathroom), milk, again, more, Mmm hmm (yes), no, eat, ball, Murph, outside, play, book, cheeks, brush (brush teeth), bath (this means bath as well as swim), toes, mama, daddy, Maddie, bear, mine (lovey), bed.  She's said a few phrases too.  She's said "Did you see that?", "I got it", "I got you", "who is it?"  I know there are more words and phrases she says but my mind isn't letting me remember them right now :)

And then there's sweet little 4 going on 14-year old.  Maddie has become very particular about what she wears these days.  I've always liked giving her a choice in what she wants to wear (a choice between two things usually).  Well, now she insists on wearing a skirt or dress every day.  Princesses don't wear shorts or pants, didn't you know??  We've gotten used to letting her wear whatever she wants.  I mean, we bought her the clothes she has so we know it's all appropriate to be wearing out.  So what if she wants to wear a church dress to school...but now she's started getting more particular with her hair too!  This one's driving me crazy.  I wonder what age I can start letting her fix her own hair.  She's so indecisive about the way she wants to wear her hair.  This morning she's wearing a super cute outfit (skirt, of course) but she doesn't have any headbands that match it.  Headbands are her hair accessory of choice!  She threw down her purple headband, stomped out of the bathroom as she's pouting about not having ANY HEADBANDS THAT MATCH and slams the door on her way out.  Wow!!  I didn't even know what to say about that one.  I just let her go. When she didn't get any attention about it, she came back in and decided she wanted to pony tails.  Then she told me exactly where she wanted them on her head.  The pony tails had to be up high and out to the sides so she can see her pony tails.  The funny thing is that she doesn't seem to mind that her purple hair bands don't match her teal outfit.  And, yes, she picked those out herself too!

The other thing Maddie's really indecisive about is what to eat for breakfast.  Every morning we go through the full list of her options for breakfast.  She regularly tells me she doesn't know why she can't decide what she wants for breakfast.  "That's just the way God made me," she tells me.  I just smile and let her take her time deciding.  Usually once she gets started with one thing, she'll keep asking for more and more for breakfast.  So I know she's hungry, she just really doesn't know what she wants.

Maddie is really sweet and thoughtful most of the time.  Every Friday at school they get to check out a library book.  Last Friday she came home with Brown Bear, Brown Bear because she knows that's Sadie's favorite book.  She thinks about what her friends like and offers help if someone needs help.  She just seems so much older than a 3 3/4 year old in this aspect.  I mean, she's still selfish and doesn't want to share her toys most of the time, but to think of others the way she does makes her seem so much older and more mature to me.

I love my girls and their crazy personalities!!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I am hoping Sula always lets me dress her but I know she wont, so I am loving right now! Loved reading this.