Monday, March 26, 2012

Some Pictures

I've been slacking on pictures lately.  So here are some to make Grandparents and aunts/uncles happy :)

Maddie making a "corn angel" at the livestock show.

Daddy and his girls at the livestock show.  The girls were too interested in their snacks to look at the camera!

Maddie's pony ride.

Sadie's first pony ride!

Maddie got to be the train conductor. She was so proud of herself!

Flat Stanley came to visit us from PA!  We've taken him to lots of places, including this BBQ restaurant.

Maddie leaned over to Sadie and said, "mommy, take a picture of us!"

My swimming beauties.

An after swimming popsicle treat.

Sadie in the bluebonnets.  I took one picture of Maddie in the she was standing up to get away from a bee.  Oh well.

Sadie at the park this morning.  She's getting so big!

Loving the swing!


We LOVE the park!

 This look says, "Aw, geez, mom.  You're going to post this picture, aren't you?"

Maddie's REALLY into wearing her boots with dresses and skirts lately :)

My sweet girls!

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